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I ride right foot forward, 180 to the left, fakie to the left and ride my pegs on the left. So basically i have to 180 the wrong way ti use pegs on quarters. Do whatever is comfortable to start. Then learn everything both ways. Nothing worse then finding ... more »

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Pull up on the bars. Do it until you can get the front end up 6 inches to a foot. After You have that down try it again except this time once your front end is up push off with your feet. Your legs will do the same motion the do when jumping without ... more »

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Once the bike gets to that point just make a leap of faith. You wanna catch the inside pedal first anyway so when you go to do flyout or hop whips you already have the fundamentals down. You could even catch both pedals at the same time if its more comfortable. ... more »

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I keep my weight over the seat. Just a little off the back. As long as your weight is off the bars it should work. If you are having problems with the steering being too sensitive. Its probably either because you have too much weight on the bars or you ... more »

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I've recently got back into bmx. I've re-learned all the tricks i could do before and a few other small ones. But i still cant get hop bars. I learned pull up bars a few days ago thinking it would help. My biggest issue is letting go of the bars. Mainly ... more »

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Do you ride right foot forward? I Do and pulled the same spot about 10 min ago. I was trying to full cab and was only making it 270, so i figured id put more effort into it. I did the 180 rolled backwards, and pulled/twisted as hard as i could. I spun ... more »