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You are correct! My bad.

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Courage Adams actually just did a how to manual video and he stated pretty much the opposite which surprised me.

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You know what I think is lame in BMX: Bad attitudes, unnecessary negativity towards others, and not getting to ride as much as I’d like. Other than that; it’s bmx, do it however you please but be cool to others and spread the joy that it brings. I don’t ... more »

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Realistically, absolutely nothing on that bike even needs upgraded. It’s setup great. Just replace when things break. Don’t get sucked into the false thinking that “upgrading” bike parts actually makes your bike ride better. Also edit to add; here in ... more »

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Manualing with any regularity is the hardest thing I’ve ever done on a bmx. Some people just get it, and other like me may never. I can sit down wheelie for days, do no footer sit down manuals, but I can’t do regular manual for shit. I never could even ... more »

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Get the fuck out with your polarizing political bull shit.

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Looks siiiick. Grips are 👌 perfect too. S/m for life.

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Proper sleep schedule and proper nutrition will go soooo much farther than you would ever believe. Lack of sleep is a killer for me and having good riding stamina. You gotta push yourself every time you ride to ride a little longer.. one day you’ll be ... more »

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Ohio sux? Son, I just got a full pipe, pump track, street plaza and dirtjumps 30 minutes from my door. Also have some of the best street riding around. If you came here to ride with me you’d love the spots....lots of good shit here and I’ve lived in ... more »

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Yes, I agree Dave. One can absolutely fix a gritty or rough feeling sealed bearing by doing exactly what you described. Just be careful to use a small pick to remove the seals and not to bend the metal band in the seal.

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Been pretty stoked on my Odyssey Seeley pegs. Or Graduate pegs. They both use the same sleeves. One is a steel core, the other is aluminum core. Ive lately been riding some gritty out of the normal areas so, I quit using plastic on my dominant side. ... more »

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8:30am this morning.

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Heck yeh homie. Shred that beast! And good choice on staying on a 20". 36 years old here and soooo glad I started with a 20" getting back into it and not a 22 or 24. I was in your shoes 10 months ago. 10 months on a 20" now and there is no way I would ... more »

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Rail tire tap

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This is a bmx site. Fuck all these politic. Save it for a different type of forum.

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Yup. This is my first thought as well. Mis matched driver and chain sizing.

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Homie, that is siiiiick!? It takes major commitment to learn to ride deep bowls like that! 🤘🤘🤘

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Here's my advice: Ride it until it gives up on you completely. Then replace with an affordable more well known brand like Stolen, Cinema, Fit etc etc. You should be able to get a complete wheel with pinned seems for around 100 dollars. Although I notice ... more »

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I have no first hand experience with the odd way the odyssey thunderbolts wedge works, but it looks to me you could simply just use bottom bracket washers between the arm and the sprocket and you would be good to go. No?