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Yeh I’ve done this 3 times in the last year and a half lmao

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Haha those checks gonna come out of your pocket and mine bud (assuming your a us citizen and you have a job)

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I've had excellent results with bsd chains, and I like them over most others because the pins are "concavedd" so a chain tool can stay centered on them whille you adjust length/fix broken links etc. Really it makes a difference and makes the bsd especially ... more »

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Those bars though ....

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Campus’s are closed homies and I’ve been taking full advantage of it when street riding. Woop woop. But on the other hand, I do wish those affected prayers and a healthful recovery. Today I went to order a 3000$ mountainbike and the company is closed ... more »

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I'll be 38 soon. I agree with you whole heartedly. It's almost like they want some sort of recogonition for being "older" or original gangsta's so to speak. I feel like telling them to GTFO with the "I was doing tricks when you were in diapers" attitude. ... more »

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I really enjoyed riding an S/M ATF for street..... what a killer all around frame. I couldn't think of a better all arounder than the ATF. Check out the geo and see if its for you. Figure you'll want a 20.5" tt.

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Since I'm always schlepping the streets, and lurking the alleys with no transitions in sight, I personally have to give this stem a big NOPE not for me. Stem breakage has got to be the worst failure you could have. Worse than forks even. There's places ... more »

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Soccer shin guards with the ankle protection built in. Far as knee pads, I can’t help ya.

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I’ve been on 160’s for about 6 months. They work fine for me. The main thing I was surprised when I switched was that I noticed no difference at all except being slightly less “torquey”. Ok and I think my feet blow off the pedals a touch easier on those ... more »

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Shorter cranks give less leverage. What do you mean no loss of power? Maybe on a multiple gear setup you could simple compensate for the loss of leverage with gearing. But on a bmx, a bike with 175’s and a bike with 160’s; the 175’s are going to give ... more »

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Been there buddy. Recently. Stick with it. It gets worse before it gets better hahahaha. For real though. I don't think I started having much fun until 3 or so months into bmx. Was sore AF all the time from not being in riding shape and eating shit constantly. ... more »

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My Fit frame is made in USA. I think Fit is a bit cringey, as in chasing trends and shit, whereas S/M is more traditional and has a less edgy know if you buy an s/m you get American made no questions. not that I care about such things but ... more »

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No streeting my G?

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Well damn. Rode with a pretty rad homie Saturday he gps’ed the ride. We did 21 miles on bmx street riding and spot searching.

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Yes. We must be from the same era my friend. Learned the same way lol

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For a man of your height, 10" rise bars is not tall. It is a proper bar height. Might I suggest checking out Charlie Crumlish edits on youtube as well as his signature frame called the "Tall Boy". Its a hella sick frame made by one of the best core bmx ... more »

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Run her.

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Awesome edit 👏