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Reply to R.I.P. FBM 1/17/2020 12:43 PM

I remember watching Steve Crandall and crew running around heckling bystanders the 1997 Christmas Classic NBL dirtjump competition. they were funny as hell and always having a good time. Peace out FBM. I’m gonna go eat a light bulb.

Reply to having 2 bmx for different uses..make sense? 1/14/2020 7:01 PM

I have an sm Bonesaw (super short rear end street frame) built up, and an SM Atf which is kind of the opposite of the bonesaw in terms of geometry. I can jump back and forth on them with little issue. Take maybe 5 minutes to get used to swapping then ... more »

Reply to Fuse pads omg my shins bro 1/14/2020 6:56 PM

Damn man, if you put them on straight out of the package maybe you should wash them first! See if that helps. If not, try wearing a tall sock that comes to the knee maybe? When I raced motocross there were some knee socks made for wearing under knee ... more »

Reply to Do rusty pegs ruin your grinds? 1/14/2020 6:54 PM

Wait. What? Aluminum angle? There's yer problem. Replace aluminum with steel, or replace the steel pegs with plastic. Or go ride street instead.

Reply to Fbm stop making frames 12/31/2019 9:13 AM

S/m-fit doesn’t need to make customs because they offer more options than any other manufacturer....

Reply to Contacting Albes 12/30/2019 6:44 PM

I spent a couple grand at Albe's in the last year over the span of at least 12 orders. They have 100% perfect order execution for me and ship faster than any other mailorder I've ever used. Thanks Albe's.

Reply to Lightest Pegs 12/18/2019 4:30 PM

Check out the Sunday Jake Seeley pegs. Light but probably not the lightest.....

Reply to Dyno VFR before and after 12/18/2019 4:24 PM

VFR's are timeless. I was always stoked to see them out in the wild so to speak when I was a youngen. I had a choice between the Dyno VFR and a GT Mach One. I went with the Mach One. Nice piece of BMX history you got there Marc. Ride it and show it no ... more »

Reply to What sites do you guys order your stuff on? 12/12/2019 8:38 PM

Albe’s or Empire.

Reply to Revenge wheelset hub guards? 12/11/2019 3:21 PM

I’ve got revenge cassette wheelset and am running an s.m cymbal. The daily grind steel hub guard works on it too. Not sure how the free coaster differs. But leaving this info here for future searches.

Reply to 37 and first time at a skate park 12/9/2019 2:27 PM

A bmx bike is a tool to happiness. Like any tool. use it and utilize it. Treat it like a tool. Tools get scratched, dirty, worn in, scuffed etc. I've never seen a good tool on a jobsite that was shiny and pretty. As a matter of fact, most of the treasured ... more »

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Reply to Has anyone gone from 20.5 to a 20.25 top tube and does it really make that much of a difference? 12/4/2019 6:43 PM

TT length is the least noticeable metic of an entire bike geo.

Reply to BMX 101, the do’s and dont’s 12/4/2019 3:02 PM

I'm hungry, you cooking any pasta tonight?

Reply to Has anyone gone from 20.5 to a 20.25 top tube and does it really make that much of a difference? 12/4/2019 3:01 PM

Your feeling the rear end most. The 1/4" tt probably not near as much noticeable. Also, the headtube angles can make a big noticeable difference in "felt" bike size. I've been through the entire spectrum of bmx frame sizes and geometries. Suprisingly ... more »

Reply to Cameras 12/4/2019 2:13 PM

I use an iphone10 with several different t fisheye attachments. It’s sad how much quality you lose with the thread on Fish eyes. Almost has the Vx quality ://

Reply to framed 29er Provisions for a v or U brake? 12/4/2019 2:07 PM

Standard bikes used to make a u-brake conversion plate for forks. Check them out. You can run 990 style brakes up front.

Reply to skapegoat scerbo preorders pushed back another 10 days 12/3/2019 5:03 PM

Just appears to be a different rise. The sweeps are the same....

Reply to framed 29er Provisions for a v or U brake? 12/3/2019 3:24 PM

I've got some cheap disc brakes on a cross bike. They suprisingly work hella great! Keep with the discs man. You'll just need to bed them and keep oil off of them. Likely the disc is just a cable actuated caliper so there won't be any bleeding or resevoir ... more »

Reply to Kids BMX 12/3/2019 3:18 PM

Thats awesome Max. Your boy will be beyond stoked, and surely have the nicest ride around! And when he gets the hang of the freecoaster he'll be many steps ahead of the rest of the kids his age when the jump to 20" bikes.