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New thread I went to the dark side and I like it 10/9/2019 6:33 AM

Specialized Stumpjumper has been slaying the trails and I’ve found tons of stuff to ride around here that is siiiick that I never knew existed. There are 4 downhill courses with fairly large jumps and wood features as well as wall rides etc ... more »

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New thread Just started riding and need help with bunny hop tail whips. 10/1/2019 5:09 AM

I just started riding. I’m having trouble with my hop whips. I can only hop 9 inches so I’m having problems getting my feet back on the pedals during the whip. I think buying a bike with a geometry that is similar to a scooter might help? Anyone have ... more »

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New thread Any online BMX Labor Day Deals? 8/31/2019 6:39 AM

Just wanted to bump this thread to see where all the good bmx retailer labor day deals are this weekend. Post them up. Fit has 25% off pegs, stems and something else.

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New thread Riding downtown Pittsburgh Pa? Anybody? 6/14/2019 5:40 PM

I’m thinking of going on a little day road trip to ride a city I’ve never been too. It takes me 2.5hrs to get to Pitsburgh and I was thinking of riding there tommorow. Has anyone rode downtown there? Anyone here from that area? I’m also considering Cincinnati....anyone ... more »

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New thread, California mailorder ? 5/21/2019 11:20 AM

Can anyone confirm this shop or vouch for this shop? They have a frame I can’t find anywhere and wanted some feedback before placing an order. Thanks.

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New thread Fiend 3 piece crank wedge system? 5/19/2019 2:12 PM

Can anyone describe this cranks wedge system? I’m in the market for some 160’s and I’d like to get something that slips on and off easily if I decide to swap frames etc etc. I would go with the Odyssey’s style wedge system but they don’t offer anything ... more »

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New thread Stranger’s 1998 Mixtape download? 3/23/2019 6:45 PM

Anyone know where to stream this video or at the least buy and download it? I’m not sure how a “digital download” can be out of stock as it says on their site. I watched it in full length before they pulled it off YouTube. I freaking loved it and now ... more »

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New thread RIP Jake Phelps 3/16/2019 9:25 PM

Sad to hear this news of Thrasher Jake Phelps passing at 56 years old. Hope he’s skating the pavement in the heavens.

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New thread Bottom bracket spacer Gripe! 2/20/2019 6:22 AM

Let me see if I’m the only one with this issue. I’ve purchased two sets of cranks and two bottom brackets. Odyssey Bb and odyssey Calibur cranks. Fit 24mm BB and Fit 24mm indent cranks. I installed the Calibur cranks with odyssey BB and had to dig around ... more »

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New thread Lazy River Skate park. What!?!? 2/15/2019 8:02 PM

This is 30 minutes from my house. I just realized it. Apparantly this isn't even a skatepark. It's, no shit, a legit pool being built by two artists in Athens Ohio as a useable prop for making various movie, artsy scenes. Uhm. Uhm. Uhhhh, well I'll let ... more »

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New thread Guard Sprocket, is there a best one? 2/12/2019 2:10 PM

Vital gang, I’m wanting an aluminum guarded sprocket. I like the looks of the Daily Grind one and the BSD Guard sprocket most but the Odyssey LaGuardia, and the alum Subrosa one look appealing too. Are they all pretty much the same and it’s just a “pick ... more »

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New thread Animal's Pegless legend drops a new video! 1/28/2019 7:59 PM

Chris Silva if you ain't heard bros. No longer Sad.

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New thread Got me some goodies from Albe’s 1/10/2019 7:51 PM

I've had a 2012 Fit Eddie Cleveland or maybe its a VH1 (Im not sure) frame that has been pieced together with random parts that make it feel nothing like my main bike, and as such I just never ever wanted to ride it because it felt awful. Tonight I received

... more »

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New thread I really feel what he's saying here, and most of you old/mid schoolers will to: 1/8/2019 6:56 PM

Maybe it's these budweiser's(oh the straightegde irony) talking but I watched this interview of Ian MacKaye (always looked up to him for some reason) and was pleased to hear him speak of skating recently, then talking about what he observed with constant ... more »

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New thread Bread Makes the World Takes 1/6/2019 5:25 AM

Can anyone explain what the heck this means? My Instagram feed has awesome bmx riders posting “bread makes the world takes” merch and stickers. Is this some sort of bmx company? Where does the phrase “bread makes the world takes” come from?

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New thread Odyssey Cable Knarps? 1/4/2019 6:56 PM

What can these be used for? Replacing broken cable ends? Making U- cables out of any cable that doesn't have ends? Adjusting the cable at the brake lever for those one piece cable systems? Has anyone actually successfully used cable knarps?

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New thread 28F but still had Park Fun!! 12/10/2018 11:09 AM

Surprised myself by how much fun I had yesterday. Decided to shoot some video. I was actually sweating at one point! Maybe this winter won’t be miserable after all. Did my first feeble to smith on the little grind box too? ... more »

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New thread New Leatt knee/elbow pads! 12/8/2018 5:38 PM

Wanted to share because I am stoked! Picked these up at my local motocross shop. They feel really good. I couldn’t bring myself to order pads that I couldn’t try on, so I was thrilled to actually be able to try a few different pad setups. These fit real

... more »

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New thread Revenge Industries hub guards? 12/8/2018 10:01 AM

Anyone run the revenge industries prebuilt wheelset? If so what front hub guard are you guys running? What do you recommend? I’d prefer an actual steel or aluminum one over one like the plastic meritt style......

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New thread I want to buy some Profile 19mm crank arms 170mm 12/6/2018 8:28 PM

Anybody have some oldschool profile crank arms in useable condition? Don't much care how they look or how scratched up they are. Just don't want cracked welds or fucked up splines. Looking for the old school crank arms...... I've got some 180mm's and ... more »

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