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Well,my Dad seems to think I should learn to 3 out of my bowl first so...I guess I'll try that ,but thanks for the tips

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Just need some help with finishing out my 360's,because I have 3 taps dialed . But I cant'seem to flat 360...anything is helpful at this frustrating friggen point.

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Ok so I have been riding for about maybe a month maximum, and I have 180's pretty dialed I tried curbs a few times. But I have trouble with the rollout..anything would help...just wanna get better


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Pretty good considering he's 8...better than a few 36 year olds I know lol

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Whattup my name is Jake I'm in ohio,and I love riding bmx. I have a 2010 Mongoose thrive..very legit mongoose...and I have been riding for about a month and a half...I can one hand flyout , air out, 180 fakie rollout up down or flatground..footjam fakie rollout and I'm learning 360 and 3 taps

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