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Reply to Everyone LOOK 11/19/2009 1:27 PM

i got ur back scramhype

Reply to Whats Better? 11/4/2009 3:18 PM

how loud it is is based on how much grease u packed in there....u can make a cassette silent if u wanted

Reply to Holocaust didnt happen! 6/8/2009 4:19 PM

ive had odi's and there good and last the longest but they get black shit all over ur hand....i like the fly ruben grips...i just got the fly fenos to try and there pretty cool

Reply to Downtown Sac..... 5/29/2009 9:59 AM

get lost downtown and ull find alot to there almost every weekend with a crew of ten

Reply to Trails near Sacto 5/29/2009 9:56 AM

been a min since ive been on this thread but ..........folsom bike park had some good massive jumps and a biggggggg wallride other than that ive been to the west sac trails they need some wrk but its a clean small ten back.....Davis is clean but a lil ... more »

Reply to tired of whips... 1/8/2009 4:14 PM

id rather se a clean bar than a whip....mow a days if all i see on these kids edits is o shit i landed a whip when they cant even 3????? ya ive tried whips and i have landed only one but i felt gay as soon as my feet hit the pedals.....its scarier to

... more »
Reply to free coaster hub 10/27/2008 9:30 AM

there just haters cut the cant fakie at 20 mph like us dont trip

Reply to WAR!! 10/5/2008 3:30 PM

i was being sarcastic standard is expensive is what i was getting at

Reply to WAR!! 10/5/2008 2:25 PM

if all you want to learn is whips like every other kid in bmx go for the subrosa so you can manhandle it.but if you want a normal feel and an original style try the mutiny

Reply to WAR!! 10/5/2008 2:23 PM

its lower more manual style riders like Aitken and stuff..its better to go for a more general style than a would pick the subrosa right off the bat if you have ridden that style....don't just take my word for it......i ride every style ... more »

Reply to Bars vs. Bars 10/5/2008 2:20 PM

log off and go ride

Reply to WAR!! 10/5/2008 2:17 PM

450 is the general price of standard products.... i would get the mutiny cuz its a taller frame for a younger rider it would be great for trails(because it taller)and strong for street abuse

Reply to Bars vs. Bars 10/5/2008 2:10 PM

i thought this site was about bmx not how GAY the color of your bike es

Reply to WAR!! 10/5/2008 2:08 PM

not everyone can afford a 450 dollar frame buddy...

Reply to WAR!! 10/5/2008 2:04 PM

i know a lot of riders but none ride subrosa parts but they dont look bad but the two frames your looking at have two different geometries so what style do you ride????

Reply to interbike interviews gone bad! 10/3/2008 8:06 PM

ya interbike is a place for new ideas bmx hasnt really prgressed it has just got lighter... seeing new ideas like wtp's new fork or khe's new hub...when that hub comes out ill buy it cuz they know what their doing not cuz my favorite pro rides the same ... more »

Reply to making a cassette hub louder 9/22/2008 4:46 PM

if its louder its easier for security and cops to hear you creepin

Reply to cutting axles 9/22/2008 8:34 AM

did you use a grinder or a hack saw

Reply to 12 pound bike!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/5/2008 4:03 PM

there are a bunch of haters on here.. ride what works for you not all frames are perfectly made with perfect welds and shit. just ride your damb bike and love it.....ya feel me

Reply to Little Devil is done!? 9/5/2008 3:49 PM

ya i cant wait for the re issues as well good thing i already have my limited edition LD video. anyone and everyone should buy that DVD the badluck 13 crashes....INSANE