About Me

Hey man ! My name is Carsten Bonde im 15 years old, and i love to ride my bike ! I live in the country of Denmark right next to the UK, Right above Germany and beside Sweden and Norwai...

Lay a comment :D Hope to see you around !

Hope To Cya Around !

What is your favorite type of riding and why?Park And Street... Dont know.. just like it

What’s your favorite spot and why?Mmm.. My Favorite Park spot must be my local... and best street a place in Sønderborg

What trick that haunts you?Penis Grinds.. And Face Plants..

What is your dream spot?The Flow

Who are your favorite riders?Allan Cooke,Joe Cox,Chris Doyle,Matt Berringer,Corey Martinez,Dave Mirra,Morgan Wade,Chris Doyle

What’s your favorite BMX video?Voices

When I’m not riding, I like to:hang out infront of the PC and Chech For Updates.. and be with my Fammalie and Friends

Bands I’m into: Metal and rock sooo... Pilot To Gunner and some more...

Girls think I am:Dont know ?Ask Em

My parents think BMX is:A Good sport, but they are a little scared if im gonna fall and get hurt

What is something you would change about BMX?Techno in Bike Vid´s (haha)

Do you shoot photos or video? If yes, why?Yes I do.. Its fun

What makes you learn new tricks?Some times riding alone on the street... But most riding with other people

What keeps you doing your old tricks?They are always fun

Weakness?Saying Goodbye

Here are some vidio