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Bump! New parts! Americian made Fit Dugan bats 9" And S&M 28t shieldrap toughman

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If its aluminum you can simply use a malet and lightly hit it tell its straight to the eye.. Some will say to put it into 2 blocks of wood and tighten it in a vice So whatever way floats your boat. Running a bent sprocket will cause added wear to your ... more »

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Loving those hubs!

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Thanks man! Its pretty dialed at 25 1/2 pounds I don't throw my bike but I ride pretty rough and so far I've only snapped a pedal!

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After about 8months of working at a Bike Shop I've Built this bad boy up! 2000 retail! Yea maybe too much but I love it! Parts:

&M BTM 20.75 Trans Sky Blue Fork: S&M Widemouth pitch forks Bar: S&M Hoder's in 9inch Trans Sky ... more »

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Amazing wheel set! Those spokes aren't cheap!

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Its actually quite simple The main goal is when looking and the sprocket and driver is for them to be inline with eachother. In order to adjust it you can use crank spacers(take off and add) **Sometime it won't always be able to get 100 percent straight, ... more »

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Driver bearings are most likely blown

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When it comes to this subject everybody has there own opinion but during the 8 months I've been working at a bike shop me and my coworker have always done it the same way. Take driver off Remove prawls and springs Clean all the grease off everything ... more »

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How much on wheel shipped to cali? Text me 5107766739

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Well guys I got a few parts that just are not used to much so im going to sell them. All prices are NOT including shipping. And please, I look at this form alot and I dont want to deal with kids. So please if your under 10 buy other peoples things. Sales

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Could you text me at 5107766739? Id like the frame and mabey the BSD forks if you still have them

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Like fakie type of roll back....i figured it out though...i was carving in a wierd way that caused me to do it

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Ok, so for the past two days ive been practicing 360....on flat land and alittle faster then walking speed i can do the full 360 but i roll back going at a decent speed so i dont get it...thank you

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30$ on the cranks? Im pay pal ready

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Really? I was a active member of urc form and i hardly heard of scamming! Mabey i just got lucky

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Text me then 5107763769

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Part out?

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Speaking of colony! Ive had my colony hell stallion forks for 1 and 1/2 years and the owner before Me had 3 years...they are the absoulte best ever and are not the hardest rider but i bail and crash alottt so they take heavy blows and keep ... more »

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Bump.... have eclat trippen aero rim, kink sexton fat seat black and gold knives black odi likr lock on grips primo white seat post xbox 360 slim and other things as trades