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No hate here, just saying that to me this isn't BMX, it's just some circus/freak show. Something you can't duplicate on your local park.
When I see a video and the guy pulls a triple barspin down a set of stairs, it's awesome as hell and it gets me psyched to ride, but if some same guy jumps off a cliff and do 45 barspins b4 opening his chute, what's the point?
I remember years ago when there was this 'bet' on who was gonna pull the first triple barspin on vert, and it was cool because they were trying it on a 'normal' vert ramp that everybody rode. Now that's testing the limits.
And when they actually did the triple bar, they didn't came up with a bigger ramp to try a 4, 7 or 10spins barspin. That's BMX.
Jumping from the moon and doing a 879backflip is not.

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