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Maybe it’s stolen and some crackhead sanded it off

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Shadow Supreme would easily beat this

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Those AK pedals are 85$ retail here in Canada , with taxes and shipping over 100$ ! And I went from a guarded sprocket to a non guarded , if you’re not constantly bashing it you’re fine . Just do switch feebles and smiths instead of crooks haha

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don’t be a puss , I’m in school for welding and my hands are always getting fucked , riding , and working out never helps but I don’t complain

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I wish frontloads were more common

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I’ve got 2 hazard lites front and back right now and I’ll tell you as a rider and fellow forum member , just buy those . I think I’ve trued them once in like a year of having them. Stiff and feel solid , you’re not gonna break them

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Turns out the bars are probably cut too short for me to want to ride them . Don’t think my buddy would have cared much if I did obtain them but ya I think I’ll probably skip on this

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The first dude is loaded with money and gets anything he wants from his parents LOL The second buddy hasn’t stolen it , the original guy just never actually tries to get his stuff back because he’s loaded and 250$ is pocket change for him and he gets ... more »

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Started new thread Is this right 3/9/2018 9:47 PM

Long story short Buddy buys bars Other buddy installs those bars to “test height” Said buddy hasn’t returned the bars for like 8 months now Him and I plan on trading bars so I’d be possession of the OG buddies bars I’m kinda friends with the OG buddy ... more »

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I’m running one of those or a Vandero Pro , can’t remember . I’ll let you know soon

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Like 80% of occasional users treat new members like shit that’s why , someone bumps an old thread and everyone loses their minds . Or if someone has a stupid question , everyone trolls them ( I’m guilty of this occasionally tbh ) but I feel that’s why ... more »

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All BMX bikes with pegs will have that happen to your chainstay , it’s not a concern as they’re made to withstand abuse as long as your frame is of decent quality ( which WTP makes , arguably the best bikes available ) .

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I think this frame builder should have a thread made , have the title with his name and position ( custom frames ) and you or a mod should validate how shitty of a salesperson he is . It’s not fair to other people to waste hard earned money and get fucked ... more »

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no one gives a fuck anymore I think , I think murdered black park bikes look sweet as fuck

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As long as no one gets hurt and no ones personal property gets damaged I’m good . Walmart can pay for a chipped ledge to get fixed . An old man who’s retired and enjoying life shouldn’t have to worry about fixing his property

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My mom wouldn’t let me but I kept taking them off , so she just gave up . I’ve been brakeless and have never been hit by car because of it ! If anything riding brakeless helps you be safe because you know you can’t stop on a dime , while with brakes ... more »

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All the Canadians on this forum are laughing . “Bad Weather”

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Biggest waste of money ever

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100% not a crack . You’d know if it was for the most part . A rim doesn’t crack like that in those spots either