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1664 turned into Brink , and because Brink is shutting down , 1664 will probably no longer be a thing . I imagine the parts will float around for a while , but unless MacNeil or 3ride decides to purchase them or invest into 1664 as parts , the distro ... more »

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I know you only said 27t but a 26t in chrome and I’m sold haha . If I end up getting a decent job and can spend some cash , I’d definitely pick one up . My sprocket is bent right now anyways lol

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One of my neighbors has one of these parked downstairs in the lot and holy fuck are they ever nice . Once you get a nice Jeep I think you’re just happy guy . I’m not really into the rock crawler stuff , but that’s a pretty sweet ride ..probably ... more »
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I have WTP Switch forks for about 2 years or more ? Forget . Anyways they’re strong as fuck. Zero issues , and that’s coming from someone who bent S&M dropouts ( partially a design flaw though ) I know Volume claims that a 4mm laser cut dropout will ... more »

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Beat the piss out of it with a mallet . Just give her a good smack and don’t be worried about damaging it .

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I am fairly confident that 3ride owns or has a chunk of ownership of MacNeil . They are still alive here in Canada , they make cool stuff . I really wanted that Kiraly frame from way back when .

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Definitely defective or you put it through shit and just didn’t tell us . I’ve seen people sponsored by Colony shred , and I’ve seen their bikes . Not normal for them to break . They make good stuff. Keep in mind learning tricks while kill your bike ... more »

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People will bitch about everything .

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This is funny because I was actually meaning to post this , as I went to go check out a future frame purchase idea and I need a sprocket and wanted a Bone Deth . All I could find was their Bone Deth cartel shop which basically only sold clothes . I’m ... more »

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Companies like Wethepeople , Éclat and some select others are by far the best in the business right now . The worst are probably companies that don’t back their riders and just want more generic parts like Stranger and Primo .

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You should consider the Wethepeople 22” line , they did a good job on it . Plus Felix Pragenburg shreds the bike , and it lasted him . I’ll see if I can find the video .

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Coasters with little slack make no sense

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Your best bet is that red United . It might seem expensive , especially if you’re new to biking , but you really get what you pay for in better bikes . These types of bikes get beaten up easily , and it’s a lot better than getting a bike that’ll last ... more »

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I have SHIT knees too , I imagine 23t would feel amazing , but I’d probably not like it as much because I like to go fast too . 25t is perfect for everything I think .

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Been really into cars lately , not a mechanic but just cars overall . Every couple days ai switch my “dream car” ideas , but here’s some currently I’m really into . Cadillac ATS - V

Maserati Ghibli Audi RS7 BMW M4 CS ( I ... more »

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This is sick

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If it makes you feel better , I’ve seen Jordan Godwin do a feeble hard 540 an upledge in person and under rotate the first one , landed off and biffed it but his bike didn’t even flinch. I ended up talking to him about his prototype bars and he was telling ... more »

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Can we sticky this or something ? I’m constantly seeing this bikes name in threads and posts and I feel it’s happening to the point where it clogs other good threads. No disrespect to the person who posts them , just wanting to make sure it’s scene in ... more »

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This . I run / ran tons of their parts and they’ve given me zero issues . I’ll ride anything they make and trust it 100% . The complete bikes are incredible for what you pay for , easily the most thought out bikes on the market . My local had some and ... more »