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It'd be good if it was like a wicker way material that drew sweat away and kept your head warm in winter and cool in summer!

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Love Rich Fornes riding and filming but for some reason Subrosa doesn't seem fitting...

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They look good fun! And its true you cant a victimof your own fears. I agree on the brakes thing, I'm tempted by a straight cable for trails riding. I have to go and ride more trails now and soon!

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Short story is on my first time at some trails I managed to jump a 7 and 11ft dirt double! Really pleased as it quite a fear to conquer. Long story, I was with a group of friends and only three of the kids were jumping it (two of the kids first times ... more »

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Pro Tec Bucky Lasek, nuff said.

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Stem height on my bike which is 34 inches and yet I cant even 180 flat... ah well, not one fuck could be given!

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Can't comment on how they ride since I don't have a pair but for me aesthetically I only like the Ortho and Graph. Graphics are great but they need to do some simple colourways like black and white since being neautral they go with anything then! The ... more »

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Shit son. That. Was. Insane.

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I've always thought about this idea, everyone said it was pointless. Would it eliminate the need for pinch bolts at the back yeah? So only a compression bolt, that would look clean as fuck!

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My mate got a Premium Inception and its in my view the best off the shelf bike I've ridden and my friend used to have the Sub 10 stem and had no problems with them so the general consensus I hear is the stuff is good. The plastic pedals have a reputation ... more »

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Proper front or topload or a Premium, or the Challenger. Nuff said.

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A few of my mates in school did and then I went to the saktepark with them and had a go, saved money bought a bike and rode! That got me into and then the reasons I still ride are to try and go higher and flowing around aswell as having progression sessions ... more »

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Premium FYB look the same and Haro and Premium and pretty much one company so they might be worth a look at!

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Scooters Snakes People I generally don't like Learning tricks takes forever haven't learnt anything becuase of it Looping out sucks shit Townies Rain Busy with people to retarded to ride the park Scooters

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Still a virgin unfourtunately but this thread is the funniest bloody thing I've ever read!

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My mate is flowy park rat and he destroyed his back profile in a year and a half, its now unridable. I have a mate smoother than Chase Hawk and is on his thrid set becuase they have broken or been faulty and another friend who grinds but only on metal ... more »

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Fastest mile Ive done was 5:20.0 but it fucking killed me and I've done a 4.5mile run in 25:04.0, to get quicker do stuff like hill sprints and high intesity interal training, doing these will improve both your speed and stamina!

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Aswell as riding Ive been training for a little 5k run and my best time has been 18:49.0 so far but I want to drop it too under 18 minutes. I actually enjoy treadmill running and running like cross country style or road!

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CrossFit, is this doesnt make you strong and give you endurance I have nothing else... just remeber to stay motivated!

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Dammmn your trails look amazing! From the video I get the feeling you might want to widen the landing...