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The Sydney winter has made riding kinda difficult lately, but this popped up in my memories today. Riding the spot in London this time last year.

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Thanks man! It’s scary as hell, but super rewarding!

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It’s 5am and I’m on the bus to work, but this thread made the start to my day so much better. BMX rules

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I crashed a toboggan air really badly about two years ago. I stopped doing them for a while, but I’ve started to get comfortable with them again. They’re kinda strictly for big ramps at the moment though!

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I’m fairly sure I’ve squeezed a 2.4 Odyssey Hawk tire in them, but it was TIGHT

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For what you want to ride, and your height, a 21” TT will be ideal. I’m 5’9”, ride similar stuff and I run a 21.25. The geo on the rest of that frame will still be sweet if you want to get nibbly at some point too.

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It’s pretty sweet to be able to casually stop at a T-intersection at the bottom of the hill. I sometimes do brake tricks but it’s nice to not annihilate every person who crosses your path. Skids rule

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It’s funny you say that... I actually had the brown relic railed seat on here with a gold credence turtleneck, but I was really feeling the monotone look once I put the Cyclops on. Here’s what it looked like pre-cyclops.

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Hey mates, Starting to be a little more active on here, and figured I'd share my bike. It's definitely the happiest I've ever been with a bike. Yew! Specs Frame: 2015 Terrible One Barcode 21.25" (S&M built) Fork: S&M Widemouth Pitchfork Bar:

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Stared at it for a bit, considered taking my brakes off, got the tools out and decided against it. I've got the itch for new bits, though.

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The biggest differences I've found are in proportionality. A relatively longer top tube with a relatively shorter rear end will give you more torque around your pivot point (rear wheel) and make the bike much more "loopy", but will keep some semblance ... more »

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Geoff Slattery, Dan Foley, Garrett Byrnes, Ruben, Benn Pigot, Joe Rich, Russell Brindley, Corey Walsh, Cody Pollard, Garrett Hoogerhyde, Edwin, Steven Hamilton (pre 2008) are some good references that haven't been mentioned yet. I'm predominately a transition ... more »

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Nah, just sounds like you’re setting your bike up appropriately for the task at hand. I usually only ride bigger concrete parks so mine sit at 110PSI, but that’ll drop to 80 at the trails and about 65-70 on the rare instance I ride street.

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I think the difficult thing is going to be finding a rider in their 20s-30s that is well credentialed, relevant to the style of riding, and respected who doesn’t want to compete. For me, it’s more important that the judges understand the style of riding and are impartial than having Gen Y represented, and I think the panel (especially Five Dock) does this well. Joe and Ruben have been influential in the bowl movement from the beginning, Dak can ride it all and gets it, and Russell is one of the smoothest, most highly-regraded trails and transition riders in Australia. Plus both Dakota and Russell are under 40 so I’d say it’s pretty well-rounded. Ultimately though, the riding is paramount and the scoring, whilst still important, takes a back seat.

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I’m super conflicted on this, just like I am the Olympics. I like the fact that it is a fairly small-scale film with Ludacris kinda being the draw, I love that Hawk, Nyquist, Edgar and a bunch of legit pros are featured and presumably got paid for it. ... more »

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If you’ve been out of it for a while I can definitely see why the bars and tyres would be off putting. Anything smaller than a 2.2 is a little harder to come by now, but putting a 2.2 on the rear while keeping a 2.4 on the front will make it feel a little ... more »

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This is the sort of thing you need to step back and ask yourself which side of history do you want to be on. You look at something so obvious as jim crow laws and think “well those people couldn’t have thought that something like this was going to last forever”. Your opinion...more

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At the core of everything, THEY ARE PEOPLE. You can choose to not agree with them, and that is fine. You can have your opinions, and that is fine. You can have your beliefs, and again, that is fine. But know that your comment "I have a hard time looking at gay people in the same...more

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We see Scotty go back and forth between the non-certified Pro Tec Bucky style and a legitimate fox full-face. I've always thought it was odd that he goes from the most available protection to the least. Anyone who says they're confident enough in their ... more »

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Cooper is awesome.

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