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Gotten out a couple of times in the last fortnight. Feeling pretty disconnected from my bike but still having a blast

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Bloody hell! Glad to hear you're okay, head injuries are never fun. I think I've averaged about a concussion every 18 months since I was about 10 so I get ya!

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Feel like you could do sit down wheelies with a slammed seat on that thing. Pretty rad to have a BMX bike and a wheelie bike all in one For real though, looks tough as nails!

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Our state has been getting ass kicked by La Niña but I’ve been getting it when I can

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I miss Crisman and Schwartz. I feel like this is a style/creativity vs tricks conversation all it’s own. Modern day freecoaster riding seems like it exists just to make tricks easier rather than an entirely different style of riding, I dunno. Never been ... more »

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Fujifilm xt-30 with a kit lens and my iPhone 13 pro max. I’d like more lenses but I’ve got other shit to spend money on

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Slammed is 13.75, but I always figured mine was about 14”, measures at 14.1”. I ordered a custom at 13.75, maybe it should’ve been bigger

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Every so often a video will get one of us hyped enough to want to post about it, and I figure it makes sense to have all of that discussion collated. Plus I love talking about riding and videos! Anyway, here’s my contribution, today Dovey’s new Fly video ... more »

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If you’re of a decent ability on the mountain bike you’ll probably churn through that thing pretty quickly. You’d probably be better off finding a second-hand customer on marketplace/Craigslist/gumtree or spending a little bit more on a complete with ... more »

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Thanks man! Just gotta figure out how many and what type of pegs it needs

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Several months ago, I traded the Skavenger Bridge frame that the first iteration of this bike was built around for a Kink Backwoods, as the 21.25 was a little more my size. Since my wife hasn’t really ridden in a year and I haven’t been on campus in nearly

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One of the nicest bikes I’ve ever seen! Definitely excited for the Dutch-built barcodes.

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Certainly isn’t unsafe, but it will definitely be less comfortable and more awkward than something in the 21.25-21.5” range. It’ll do you fine for now, but when you graduate to jumping/tricks you’ll want that comfort and control

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Happy new year mates. Literally just want to feel comfortable on my bike again. It’s been too long…

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Rumour has it that the T1 mini (7ft tall) had a radius of 7’ 3”…

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Went to some Relic Flatout tyres because I was drawn in by the tanwalls. They didn’t last long, so I got a fresh Fast and Loose for the front and we’re good to go. Also replaced the back bone saddle with a relic model.

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Definitely interested to see how it goes man! They certainly are generic looking but I know Ashley cares a lot about what he puts out, so I’d imagine they’ll be decent Falling for the marketing isn’t a bad thing at all, supporting companies who do shit ... more »

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Absolutely haven’t been riding as much as I’d like and I’ve been feeling shitty on my bike as a result. Snuck in a couple of sessions this week, and the difference it’s made is unreal.

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Man Colorado is the promised land

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I ride alone a lot, and I’ve always found filming something I’m working on helps make the sessions more fun and fulfilling. You drop in, do your thing then review the footage, see where you’re at and go again. Its fun, and helps make you a better rider. ... more »