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T1 skapegoat

Look at that!

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Hey man, since you care so much about people’s health, how does it feel to know that LGBTQI+ youth who’ve been put through conversion therapy are twice as likely to commit suicide as their peers? Ya fuckin kook

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This was sweet, but it just made me realise how much cooler X Games street courses used to be.

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I think the difficult thing is going to be finding a rider in their 20s-30s that is well credentialed, relevant to the style of riding, and respected who doesn’t want to compete. For me, it’s more important that the judges understand the style of riding and are impartial than having Gen Y represented, and I think the panel (especially Five Dock) does this well. Joe and Ruben have been influential in the bowl movement from the beginning, Dak can ride it all and gets it, and Russell is one of the smoothest, most highly-regraded trails and transition riders in Australia. Plus both Dakota and Russell are under 40 so I’d say it’s pretty well-rounded. Ultimately though, the riding is paramount and the scoring, whilst still important, takes a back seat.

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Cooper is awesome.

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