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It's a quick swim! If ya start now there's a room at my parents place haha

Reply to Unique sounding cassettes? 10/2/2022 3:53 AM

I’ve had a magneto for about a year and a half and I like the sound. This is a clip from the bowl last week for a sample

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Prototype T1 cyclops stem, Back Bone BMX railed seat, the S&M built T1 barcode that I rode when I went to Austin and the UK. I also have most of my first complete bike in bits in the shed. All sentimental now. I did have some cool bits that I was ... more »

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I have an Australian-made custom frame, and I have zero regrets. I’m supporting a fellow riders small business, and by extension his family and community. It’s as grassroots as it gets. It’s also exactly what I want with no compromise and it’s less than ... more »

Reply to The "I went riding today" -thread 9/8/2022 2:30 AM

It’s all in the hips/knees! They work a lot better on a hip, too, I probably couldn’t do a flyout table

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Rippin! Seen a bunch of NC crew riding that thing. Feeling a little off but was going a bit higher than usual today.

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Had a little jam for my 30th birthday over the weekend. Snapped an axle bolt but otherwise it was a good time!

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Reply to The “I got parts today” thread! 8/30/2022 7:29 PM

Copped a pair of these. They’re basically a style 112 mid with the BMX sole but pretty sick so far.

Reply to The "I went riding today" -thread 8/18/2022 1:35 AM

Went to a small skatepark that I haven’t ridden in years, only to find it demolished for a block of flats

Then headed to a new skatepark and discovered the deep end leaks constantly So I headed for a vert ramp, which was also wet. ... more »
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I’ve shared the deck with and gotten props from some of my childhood heroes and current favourite riders, but having my one year old son cheer when I do shitty tables and high give me when I come out is way, way better.

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You cunts are all cooked

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Paternity leave is coming to an end and I’ve decided to try and put together a little edit for my 30th so I’ve been riding loads

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This rules

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AFAIK it’s an evolution of “for Christ’s sake” or “for god’s sake” so it’s definitely “for fuck’s sake”

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C’mon dude, you cherry-picked an excerpt that best supports your position and claimed the dub. At best, it supports nobody. Unless your point was not to get hung up on people incorrectly using casual idioms. Also, it’s Merriam-Webster, or were you using ... more »

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That’s a good shout! I’ve been thinking I’d like to get another ergo for my commuter/wife’s bike.

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could /kəd,kʊd/ verb past of can. used to indicate possibility. "they could be right" There is no amount of mental Ryan Williamsing in the world that would make "I could care less" mean that they could not have any less care than they do.

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