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Anything that's reasonably nice and under 2k. lol Most early '00+ 250 2-strokes are about 2k+ and still need a grand to freshen up. I'd like to find a stock 250 MX bike and just do the usual woods mods (extended tank, 18" rear rim/ tire, skid plate... ... more »

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I sold my 05 YZ250 a couple of years ago...

I'll be picking up another 250 2-stroke hopefully soon and turning it into a woods bike.
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He did after S&M said it wouldn't void his warranty (pretty damn cool of them). Again, "any" frame with the Bonesaw geo ridden the way Brayden's was setup would've done the same thing. Also, an S&M frame is about $30 more than your average aftermarket ... more »

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That was for sure a design overlook on a low run limited frame. You won't see many modern street frames with an adjustable cs length of 3/4"+ for that very reason. Trail frames can get away with it, because most won't run pegs on them, but if you do ... more »

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Nice troll attempt, my dude.

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Those are merely Honda kids who all of a sudden decided that RWD is life... Please don't group me in with those lemon lames. They will never be this cool:

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Hell ya! My dad rode my Tall Boy once and said it was twitchy af! lol

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Nice build, man!

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The S&M Hoder Skyhigh Bar is 9.5" rise x 31" width, so you can cut to fit, or rock them as is.

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I've been riding in Nike SB High Dunk Pros for the last couple of years. If you wait long enough you can usually get them for $60+ free shipping. I wish DVS still made the Heath Pinter & Dan's Comp collab shoe:

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For whatever reason I read that ONSOMESHIT sticker as: "ON, SO MESH IT"

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I actually just went from JJ's to rat traps... lol Both are pretty similar, but the rat traps feel a touch more comfortable and the extra pins do make it slightly more grippy.