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Congrats on the truck, man!

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This. I have tenderizers on my 29" SS and both of my PC pedals seem to have more grip. I tried riding my rat traps with wet soles once and surprisingly my feet didn't slip.

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Build looks sick, man. I dig that shade of blue. Also, nice dorito bike stand.

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A lemon lame.

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Do virtual grinds count?

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Damn that looks good, homie.

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I'll be 27 next month and I got my first 20" when I turned 7. So, 20yrs of owning/ riding 20".

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Cut off the arm and weld it back on. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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Thanks for the update, Steve. I've had really good luck with my Odyssey wheelsets, but I've always been hesitant on the wedge crank system... I've been wanting akimbos for years, but my powerbite arms refuse to stripout, or wobble. Also, aren't the javelin ... more »

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Loads... lol

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Nice job on the red bits. Bike is looking good, man.

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Meh, I think the big tires go with his 10" bars and TL:

He even say's in his bike check that he likes his setup "Nifty, nimble and minimalist." . Also, if anyone missed it he's got a new rough draft video that's pretty dope:
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Did you make sure your sprocket/ sprocket bolt is tight? Just that small amount of movement in a loose bolt drive sprocket ( up & down/ side-to-side) can cause a super tight, or loose chain spot. You can also use that slight movement to dial in chain ... more »