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Reply to What's your gear ratio 8/25/2013 12:19 AM

25-11, feels wierd but cool

Reply to [Help] How to bunny hop over things? 8/23/2013 3:48 AM

You gotta be kidding me

Reply to BMX and School. 8/20/2013 4:10 AM

I live in Australia, we have to wear uniform and thats about it, we can wear hoodies and black vans (has to be black shoes) Anyways i wake up at 7, catch bus to school, fuck around at school/ get good grades depending on what classes, come home at 3, ... more »

Reply to Which Bike for begginer? 8/19/2013 5:24 AM

I swear to god, one more of these fucking threads...They aren't just on vital either

Reply to Just a love machine 8/19/2013 5:02 AM

10 rise? I hope your at least 6" tall, if i see another 4 ft monkey child with bars this big again im going to kill myself

Reply to New bike BIG problem 8/17/2013 2:28 AM


Reply to tiny crack on Colony Premise 2013 Frame 8/16/2013 2:54 AM

If you think its bent the tiniest bit...get a new frame you wont regret it

Reply to tiny crack on Colony Premise 2013 Frame 8/16/2013 2:51 AM

Dont worry about it, i have cracks on my bars that look like that and mine havnt snapped yet

Reply to Stolen bike, Perth WA 8/15/2013 4:52 AM

Fuck that...unlucky man keep checking on gumtree for your bike. Its probably getting repainted as i type this

Reply to Best frame to get i am 6'3? 8/11/2013 4:50 AM

Don't bash Haro or Mirraco....Haro has been there since the beginning and Mirraco was ridden by one of the world's best vert riders. Every company has their own flaws and strengths and they sell some quality products for a low range price. Not everyone ... more »

Reply to 200 bucks 8/11/2013 4:38 AM

Not bad

Reply to Sunday *Update* 8/11/2013 4:07 AM


Reply to a little better still got a ways to go. 8/11/2013 4:04 AM

Work on LHD and wheelset first

Reply to Brisbane 8/9/2013 2:49 AM

Go to GC compound or Ramp Attak Geebung

Reply to Rding buddies wanted 8/9/2013 2:47 AM

I live near caboolture

Reply to Incredible arm pain 8/4/2013 3:44 AM

Go have a wank.

Reply to How can i make my bike lighter? 8/2/2013 2:55 AM

I like bikes.

Reply to Best session/ riding day 7/31/2013 3:41 AM

Biked all day, park, street school till 9 at night, got home with friends and smoked pot

Reply to Ghetto Skateparks 7/28/2013 4:42 AM

Even in australia, we have these stupid fuckin bogan scums, that all smoke pot at the skatepark and dont even do anything. They just go to the skatepark, and call girls over to try and look cool. Its really stupid and annoying when they try to look for ... more »

New thread How to 180 off quarter 1/14/2013 7:43 PM

i need help with how i pull, lift, rotate

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