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New thread How to 180 off quarter 1/14/2013 7:43 PM

i need help with how i pull, lift, rotate

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New thread Dropping in im scared 1/14/2013 1:55 AM

I can drop in on a 7 ft ramp but im scared when i look at how steep the other ramps are and how big they are, and theres a 10 - 12 ft halfpipe that im scred to do, my friends make fun of me. Any way to fight those fears? Are they much different from ... more »

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New thread Fakie 1/11/2013 3:38 AM

Been like a month trying to get fakies, i still cant get them. I think its because my driveway is small and im paranoid about hitting something. Any tips besides FIND YO BALANCE POINT

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New thread Foot jams and rollbacks 12/11/2012 10:49 PM

Hi I'm new to bmx and I've been riding to parks and trails for about 2 weeks now, I need some advice for foot jams and rollbacks, I read on 1 article to duct tape ur foot to the pedal, in my opinion that's a bad idea lol. Any ideas to keep me balanced ... more »

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