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I would recommend a 20.5 frame for your height but a 20.75 should feel great and nice and roomy.

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Thank you for the reminder. Snow is almost melted off so I might be getting stoked on something pretty soon!

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I think my seat currently. It was on my first decent bmx.

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When I first started learning grinds, I learned all the basics (double peg, feeble, smith) both feet forward and on both sides when I eventually moved to 4 pegs. It opened up a lot of spots that had difficult run-ups for my dominant side.

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I dont know all the rules about public areas but private property such as someones home or a business, they can press charges from what I know. Thats why I always leave immediately no if ands or buts if someone disapproves of me riding certain areas. ... more »

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My detangler setup works great. Just gotta wipe down the rim occasionally, clean your pads and adjust the barrels when the cable stretches.

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Its satisfying. At least until something breaks or bends and it ruins the session. That sucks.

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Used to replace them after I started getting holes and tears in general. That would equate to a couple hard weeks or at most a couple months for me. I switched to a longer lasting grip and now It lasts for many months. ODI Longneck xl's

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Having to wait in line or when a spot is dominated by a group to the point its no fun trying to squeeze in. Its a large reason why I prefer riding street...that and street feels a good way.

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Eclat Overguard is solid as hell. Havent bent mine yet, I ended up bending the g-sport uniguards Ive owned. Not to the point where they were unusable but it did slightly bend from a ton of abuse, mind you. G-sports are way more reasonably priced but ... more »

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Suffer, have your job threaten to fire you if you dont come back soon, get sores under your armpits from crutches, try to walk down stairs and end up falling to the bottom... Oh wait...those are things I would do. Get into RC cars or flying drones? Maybe ... more »

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Go Grumpy!

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Its good to have extra spokes around even if you dont break them often. Its unsettling to ride with missing spokes, ive done it but I never feel like I can ride as hard and its annouing to have to drive far to pick some up or wait for them to ship. Spokes

... more »
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Look at all that rust!

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If Im working on a new trick I struggle with mentally (most of them) I do tricks that are related or break it down in single peices if its a line.

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Glad I got an extra pair...I usually go through most grips in a few weeks but the ODI's seem to outlast all others Ive tried.

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My trick is, buy a set of ghost pads cheap, that way you have a bit shorter screw and an extra set of pads! The shorter screw is a blessing if all you have is a janky multitool. Lol The head size is exactly the same and the tool size is too.

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Aaaannnnd.....its happening as I predicted! The "feels like a cassette moving forward and a freecoaster moving rearward" wave of hubs are coming! The future is here.

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A 410 chain wont last if you plan on doing sprocket stalls unguarded, even with a guard, you will be snapping your chain. If you run 4 pegs and plan to use all of them, keep your drive side on your more comfortable dominant side you will be less likely ... more »