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Reply to Freecoaster? 4/2/2020 9:45 PM

The only benifets a standard freecoaster has over the Freenight is silence and a bit more mental confidence in disengagement since it is 100 percent manual. Its a similar thing to the automatic transmission vs manual. Manual is the way to go if you are ... more »

Reply to Freecoaster? 4/2/2020 2:23 PM

I vote planetary but its expensive and relatively untested since its pretty new to the market still. I have one (I was actually the first in America

and I love it. Unless I have some major issue where it locks up and sends me flying or something ... more »
Reply to Race or street BMX for 9 yr old? Or MTB? 4/1/2020 8:36 PM

Depending on his age and if his peers are into riding at all (even scooters), he could possibly be picked on if he rides a "bmx" and does not know any tricks. Similar to someone that rides a skateboard to school but never learns how to ollie and carries ... more »

Reply to 350 lb rider 4/1/2020 8:28 PM

Yes. Do it!

Reply to 23t sprocket for Mongoose L10 4/1/2020 6:19 PM

When he gets done with his 130mm cranks, send them my way. Im street. Also, 22t is the last sprocket size before it has to switch to nano drive.

Reply to Cracked sprocket. 4/1/2020 6:13 PM

Do a bunch of sprocket stalls and finish it off!

I would never trust that sprocket again. How did that even happen? Did you tighten it like crazy or something? Perhaps your sprocket bolt mount is slightly lower than the crank arm face it butts ... more »
Reply to sprocket size 3/31/2020 10:36 PM

25 is the way to go unless you only do grand canyon gaps and have an airstrip run-up. Also better for hills. You dont really need to pedal for trails if they are setup well.

Reply to Would be nice if we had a list of companies that are still shipping right now.... 3/31/2020 10:22 PM

Sc bicycles is from what I just watched.

Reply to Viral BMX 3/31/2020 10:13 PM

I saw pics too...Its a reversible measure to prevent wheels from rolling. It makes me cringe a bit but at the same time, Im glad things are being taken seriously. Think about all those kids and people in general that dont cover their mouth when they ... more »

Reply to Coronavirus bmx 3/30/2020 12:16 PM

Were not getting extra pay at the USPS...is that a state thing. I am really upset that we have so many people not taking this shit serious and coming in to look at our stamp selection.

Reply to Home ramp/half pipe design 3/30/2020 12:11 PM

The wood would get destroyed in a year with it being outside and unpainted. Definitely paint it. Honestly, sounds like your dimensions will be pretty decent. I know I would love to ride it! I personally would make a longer deck and not do the spine but ... more »

Reply to Shadow supreme sprocket compatibility 3/29/2020 5:45 PM

Well...im gonna say this. I hope you ride switch footed at least 50 percent of the time with that sprocket...lol

Reply to Stuff you built to ride at home 3/29/2020 4:44 PM

They are fun to jump on and off and do rotation tricks on and off. If you have scooter friends you can also install a peice of angle iron on it for them to grind. I ended up building one because I had some scrap wood that i didnt feel like using for ... more »

Reply to Stuff you built to ride at home 3/29/2020 1:26 PM

Anything that is slightly higher than the majority of the ground you are riding on. Could be a small 4ft thing or a 30ft monster. Basically its just a long flat obstacle that is raised from the ground.

Reply to New to BMX 3/29/2020 11:45 AM

You made a good choice. Welcome!

Reply to Shadow supreme sprocket compatibility 3/29/2020 8:11 AM

It will self clearance most guarded sprockets, even if its a tight fit. I have had no issues binding. It makes a bit of noise at first but quiets down after the pins finish creating the groove. I have had no durability issues from my sprockets after ... more »

Reply to Stuff you built to ride at home 3/28/2020 1:34 PM

Looks like you were tired of catching your pegs and bars on that inner portion of fence. Lol Nice setup!

Reply to Viral BMX 3/27/2020 5:59 AM

As I said, I cant fault anyone for doing what they love. I have had people tell me my whole life, I shouldnt be dirtbiking, I shouldnt be rock climbing and now I shouldnt be riding bmx. Also, I agree, I have seen more kids out actually WALKING and playing ... more »

Reply to Wide pedals for big feet? 3/26/2020 8:32 PM

Here are the measurements I took for the Eclat AK pedals. 3.9" wide platform 1" thick 4.3" long front to back (standing area) 4.8" long front to back total

Reply to Metal vs. plastic pegs 3/26/2020 8:14 PM

Love plastics for the stealth factor and the less damage to the grind surface factor. I will say, steel is fun and there is no denying that a large bit of satisfaction comes from the damage you are doing to your rail or ledge. I like my spots to stay ... more »