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Unranked: Nina Buitrago, Pat Casey, Scotty Cranmer, Daniel Dhers, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Logan Martin, Kevin Peraza, Devon Smillie, Garrett Reynolds

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I’m sure the 29” is aimed at dads riding beside their kids’ Scout, and that’s cool. I like Sunday a lot, and would be very interested if they decided to put a 22 together. Probably take too big a bite out of the Model C pie, though.

Sunday’s upper tier is nice, but if I can be an armchair manufacturer, I’d think a full-chromo mid tier bike would make a stronger line-up. Even though I believe only the seat stays were hi-ten, no one ever recommended the EX. Single wall rims didn’t help, either. Great looking bikes, though.

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I.m Patrick Greenfield a.k.a solobike on vital bmx my Home town of Chicago IL. Hiro Tsuchida was Great friend I knew on a personal level I rode with him on many bmx Jams I talked to a bunch of riders here and we are currently trying to work out a deal to do a moral jam in his honor He was a great mentor a great father a great teacher when it came to bmx thank you for everything hiro R.I.P

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