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lol been awhile; same questions from newer riders

I'm sure there's a bunny hop thread not to far off too
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I'm sure they're all fun; what little gaming I do is on the PC

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I am computer-less at the moment, but I will be playing the next Doom after I build my next PC

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LOL Dave! ...but ya can't beat free man!

Updated bike check Peglessus 4/11/2016 6:46 PM
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I've been riding more lately and it helps clear my mind. I had to quit smoking whacky tobaccy, because I gotta pass the next drug test in order to continue split custody with my daughter. I will start being more active on forums; I couldn't before because ... more »

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My bike is my motivation! Let's not forget that even if you're not doing tricks; fundamentally its a joy to just ride on a bike for no reason what so ever.

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Definitely Fit Benny L frame is worth considering!

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I wish this pain on no one...I lost my house (fully paid mortgage too), 2 of my vehicles; although I was left with a Honda Civic that I tuned, my PS4, my computer, and most of my things. She even got all of my bikes except "Peglessus" my all chrome on ... more »

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Oh wow this certainly blew up! I will definitely check the foreign bands out. I haven't been active lately on the forums, because I have a lot of serious things going on in my life (will post about it in non-bmx topic). Thanks for the responses guys

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Never too old for BMX man! "The day you stop riding is the day you start dying." I'm 33yrs old by the way and plan to continue of course.

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Sux that this happened, but I'd wait to see what S&M says man.

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I'm in the same boat as you man, pretty much for my 2017 (or 18) bike build. Just do some research, cause it's pretty much preferences. Many current flatland pros use street BMX parts and basically just choose things that have specs they prefer. I can ... more »

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Sweet ride man and grats

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Everyone will have different experiences with the variety of cranks. That being said I plan to get a Ti spindle and other parts for my Profile cranks and Madera parts for Peglessus. Just wanna go all out; I know it's not necessary.

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I'm not disagreeing with you Steve; just letting you know that Japanese SANKO Seamless pipes/tubes are made in compliance with international quality and safety standards (which includes ANSI regulations). SANKO products are distributed around the world ... more »

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Some women still love their man despite being treated horribly (I know this can be circumstantial, but ya see it all the time) . I only slightly have to be a jerk a little to your chick sometimes for stimulating the relationship. If you play ... more »

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Yay Yoshi made an intro! I do read these, because I hardly have any RL friends or people to socialize with, but I'm married at least, so I guess I'm not a total loser. You're in that college phase eh? Well as you're Senpai I wish you blessings and luck! ... more »