Started new thread Rider that influences your style the most 3/22/2014 6:00 PM

A lot of riders contribute small things to my riding style, but two that contribute the most are kris kyle and harry main. They both have amazing parks skills, and kriss has some talent in the streets

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Street and tech is great, but every once in a while i like to see a really great park edit

Started new thread Favorite parts 3/17/2014 6:06 PM

My favorite parts would have to be the odi longneck super soft grips, shadow conspiracy vultus bars, and shadow souls seat/post combo

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Ive heard lots of good things about the animal plastic pegs, I don't personally run them but I'm thinking about it sooooo

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Tried hopping onto a ledge front wheel it flew forward face first onto the ledge

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this was the first park I ever rode at. Its my local park and I love it. Its a little small but its smooth and full of awesome lines
Started new thread Favorite riding shoes 3/2/2014 5:39 PM

Im looking for new riding shoes. Any suggestions?

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He deserves it. He's really putting a good name out there for BMX, and lets not forget that he's got some skills as well