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What up man? Fun shredding with you guys. I think we might come down tomorrow or Friday. Hope to see you guys out there again.

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keane_str_2112 left a comment 8/11/2009 6:20 AM

Whats up Duncan!! Yeah, Andrew has been telling me some about the hard work going into the vid. Did you get to dail in a decade?? Lol... I'm really stoked for it to come out. How was it riding with Ty Morrow? I liked your blog on the EB sight...

It's been quite the battle over here. But, I'm holding it down pritty good. I should have something good to tell you very soon...
Keep killin it!!

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Yeah man, good to hear from you also. I love how close you and Keene are. Man, you guys need to get together and film some stuff. I love the fact that you guys are over there shredding. Keep me posted. And keep kickin' ass! USA!!!

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What up G-AIR-RE? Been super busy. Trying to get that stuff done for the vid. Feel like I'm craming for an exam. But I'll write later. Gotta get some tools up before the rain. USA!!!

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What up! So stoked to hear from you! I will write more later. How's thing's in Afganni? I know you all are kickin' ass ! Tell Doug what up. USA!!!

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Matt kills everything he touches. Unbelievable rider! So good! JACKSON HOUSE REPRESENT!

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Yeah Ty, get some!

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