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So i got my bike and had a bikeshop put it together and i started riding it and i jumped my ramps and i got a bad landing with front tire land first , so then i rode around and noticed the bars wobbling, i looked at it and bars and stem are tight and ... more »

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i was searching for another bike since the last one wasnt soo good,,, and i found the 2013 Kink Whip Bike and it has good parts on it and integrated headset and sealed bearings , and im not that good with bmx parts so i was gonna ask u guys look at it ... more »

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Started new thread This a good bike? 8/21/2013 11:43 AM

i was searching and found this bike and i wanted to know if it was good ,,,,6/DK/Raven,5404

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wow u all think ur soo badass cause u bike ..... Zach - im only starting and idk if im gonna keep riding so im not getting somthing for 300.... Colin - im new to this fourm so idk if their was any other threads ....

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So im thinking about starting bmx and i dont know what bike to choose , i found a bike that i thought looks good and has pretty good reviews thats called the "Kink Curb 2013" since im not very familier with bmx ( i scooter) i was wondering about your ... more »

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