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Wow you have the nicest bikes man... Damn!

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Sooooo nice the seat, tires and chain OMGGG looks so sick and sprocket omgg

New thread Can you run birdcages in the back? 10/28/2012 11:28 AM

Is it okay to run birdcages in the back or are they made for the front only? Or should I get a rollcage in the back and bird in the front? It will probably look weird with 2 different rims anyways. What do you guys think? Birds front and back for a decent ... more »

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I might go its only 30 mins away from my house

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How are they? have you ordered wheels from them?

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I think the bsd works

New thread Question 10/26/2012 8:23 PM

I'm selling my profile wheels and I'm thinking of getting gsports this time. How good is the ratchet compared to the profile mini? Can I run pegs with the ratchet without guards? I heard that it's just as reliable with mini with a guard.

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It doesn't work anyone know codes? I wanna order a wheelset danscomp has a 20% but theyre shitty at lacing wheels.

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Order from danscomp with the 20% discount your welcome code: 43M1

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Ill sell you the back wheel for 150 :D

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Page not found lol

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Yeah and so true man, when I had self defense classes my instructor told me that when someone pulls out a knife they never have the intention to kill someone. So you automatically grab their wrist twist it until they drop the knife and kick it away.

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Lmao your fucking jokes

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I was planning on selling the wheel set that I'm getting off him for $250 (I live in canada)

New thread is this a good deal? 10/24/2012 2:29 PM

My friend offered me his wheels + $300 for my wheels. His wheels are a hazard lite laced to a primo mix and a proper rim laced to a vandero 2. My wheels are gsport rollcages laced to profile minis. Mine are new his are about 2 years old but he just trued ... more »

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Im 6 foot tall and run 170mms just because I have a short CS and dont want to hit my peg while pedaling. I didnt notice much of a difference.

New thread Story for you guys 10/23/2012 8:06 PM

So today I was riding then I see some kid younger than me riding he asked me if I wanted to ride, I said sure. He started complaining how much back wheel is too close to my frame. I'm like what are you talking about your back wheel is wobbling like fuck ... more »

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Reply to got 2 staples put in my head 10/22/2012 1:02 PM

I had 3 staples in my head last year, I win haha. It wasn't from riding though but from a car accident. You'll be fine. I just have a big bald spot whenever I get a haircut that's the worst of it lol.

New thread Im right foot forward and spin to the right 10/22/2012 12:58 PM

Am I goofy footed? Should I just switch to left foot forward or what?

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