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I ride by myself most of the time but I like riding with other people for sure. Like the others have said it motivates you more if you ride with other people. I progressed faster riding with people.

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Yea Im still riding bmx but this is going to be a second cycling hobby for me. I used to have a giant sedonna dx but its was more of a comfort/hybrid bike. I like a bigger frame on a bike with bigger wheels for sure. I stopped by my local bike shop to ... more »

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Hi guys I have a question to anybody who rides mountain bikes. We have some pretty sweet mtb parks and trails around here and it looks really fun. Im looking to buy something that can handle some abuse but I don't really want to spend over $600ish dollars ... more »

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I seen Adam lz has a new tutorial up on youtube for how to bunny hop. Even if you don't like him give it a watch it will help you.

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I would say its because more kids are listening to rap today or the rider prefers rap music. Imagine if they put country music in a video no one would watch it except a few. They make money with videos and they want more people watching, buying, and ... more »

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I had alot of the same parts in my cart yesterday lol

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None, When I play gta 5 it doesnt encourage me to rob a bank or kill people I know the consequences of my actions. Forza on the other hand has gave me the thought of building a race car but games are not meant to be something to encourage your actions ... more »

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Looks good I can't get it to look right you should post up a tutorial.

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I wish I could find a nice job 40 hours+ a week I currently get 48-52 hours every two weeks it blows wasting so much time for such little pay. I just ride when I can even if its 30 mins before work or on my days off between work and my various hobbies ... more »

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Alright I got some new parts time to make a bike check. Some parts are stock stuff but I will still list them. Starting up top, Grips: Merritt crosschecks Bars: Bsd Raider Stem: Sunday Freeze TL Frame: Verde Luxe Forks: Stock Verde Front wheel: Cinema

... more »

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I usually don't ask for stuff anymore I usually get clothes or money but as far as bike parts and stuff I pretty much already ordered all the parts I want so I'm probably going to save my money and get me a new car or truck. There is a 400hp wrx I've ... more »

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I never speak my mind on things like this because it usually results in a shit storm. But what we need to do is round up all isis members and any islamic extremists actually any extremists and put them in a camp, base, anything to hold them, and let ... more »

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Speaking of grips to run on 30" wide bars I run Merritt cross checks and they fit great not to long and not to short. They are comfy and haven't shown any sign of wearing out anytime soon.

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As Brayden said he recommended the bsd raider bars and they are great. I'm 6'3" and they really help they feel way better than the bars I had before. If something happens to these or I just decide to buy new ones I may go with a 9-9.5 just because I ... more »

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Pretty much all the parts fit just different specs and lengths and thats up to you to decide. The typical sizing is 1-1/8 steerer tube, 3/8 axle in the front, 14mm in the back, 25.4 seat post, most bikes use a mid bb but a few use spanish when buying ... more »

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Lz rides one, I don't think stranger is gonna let a new pro member ride a frame that's not built well

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Ive been wanting some 2.3s or 2.4s for awhile now I think the would help spread impact more but I dont believe I can fit bigger than 2.25 in my frame.

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You still need the front hub and rim, cranks, sprocket, headset, bottom bracket, seat and seat post. Rhd is more common it all depends on the side you grind on the most if you grind on the right get the lhd and vice versa. All the stuff you listed will ... more »

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I knew what I wanted just wasn't sure of the 3 I had picked out I was mostly looking for suggestions which I got. I don't buy parts because they are trendy this month or keep up with them, I buy what I like if it just so happens to be trendy then so ... more »

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Man shit cost more where you guys live around here you can get a nice 2-3 bedroom apartments with anywhere from 1-3 baths for $500 and super nice ones at $850 some cost more up to $1000+ but the $850 priced ones+ come with everything from tv and couches ... more »