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Nah mate I I had to buy the elite hub set and that only has a cog driver. The reason why is because they only had the colour I wanted for the hibset. The whole bike is black and the stem, sprocket, seat and hubs are green camo

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I think maybe there is less friction and there's are harder surfaces with the titanium and ceramic. The cost of titanium is high due to the process of manufacturing being long and technical. And yea maybe I went overboard on some little extras, but hey ... more »

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The $800 shipping is with customs dutys and charges included (danscomp gives you that option when buying internationaly) my mate had recently built a new setup from dans and had to wait a few days when it got into the country and he had to pay around ... more »

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Same bro mines past the 5 year mark still hold in up sweet

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Yo thanks dude that's what I was going for!

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This frame is meant for trails but i run it as slammed as possible and ride park/street love it. Really light too

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Eill fo i already fb them

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I think theyve made prototype hubs. Ithe logo is in a ragedy ass font and my phone wouldnt focus enough to see it the jubs from around

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Dont like them. And think you jinxed me! Cranks snapped and sprocket bent

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Yol. I got it back the same as it got stolen except frame and forks were painted good

putting parts on from my other bike to makw a sick as one... more »
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It was actually my mate who found it and o got a message on fb saying is this urs? Haha. Yea im pretty happy with paint! Put wheels on and its lookin

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yo just got it back found it forsale online and called the police asap

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this was stolen

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Looks like eclat tibias. Give us a view of the outside of cranks

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Lol fuk this is funny to read lol haha. Can someone please write a detailed explanation of what happened wid this tom guy. An fuk this thread is ridiculous and full of newfags and canadians

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Yep exactly were saying you're stealing is pictures and then uploading them with a bullshit story

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Lol shame you new fag cunt!!! Fuk off

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Wow can all you newfags please just fuk off

Reply to The Pre-Interbike Wish List Thread... 9/2/2013 12:29 PM

I doub there would be a coaster from tree or profile but if there was that would be interesting to see if they have khe internals or something new! Like the op said. I'm really looking forward to the eclat hydroformed forks. Also the 24mm onyx v2 cranks!

... more »