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You're carving too much.

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One thing that helped me with situations like this before I broke my foot was to practice on a curb. No, you wont actually be grinding but it will help you build muscle memory and get your mind used doing things in that position. Roll up next to the ... more »

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Read this shit!!! Something that helped me get used to lifting the back end up was to slowly roll up to a parking block, get the front over it then lift the back end up and over it. Breaking it down into separate sections helped me a lot and ... more »

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Just sit on it in the sun. Your body heat, the heat from the sun and your body weight will warp it faster. That droop is the plastic starting to give out and break though... so when your seat does that, it's over half dead

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It's just a head issue. Your brain doesn't want to come up short and get worked so it pulls the full boost. Also you're not trying to do a trick so you're more focused on getting the height. Just try to relax and focus more on the hop.

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You'll have to buy a freecoaster hub for that.

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I don't like his riding but this is HUGE for SNAFU! I'm really interested in where they're going now.

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Don't start that kid, you will not win. As I said, it's all the same shit. A hop is a hop. Just call it a fucking hop like normal people who can think. Read the article I posted, it taught me to hop stem height, it's taught a lot of people how to properly ... more »

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So it's a bunny hop then? ... Read thiss and you'll learn to hop. IDK what a pro hop is but I know that special people call a bunny hop a J Hop for some stupid reason... A hop is a hop is a hop as long as it's done the right way. ... more »

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Yeah about time theres more butcher around he's still fucking awesome and one of my favorite riders ever.

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...I'm assuming by tougher, you mean bigger. A bigger gearing will give you more top speed but will take you longer to get there and take more effort. A smaller gearing will get you up to a lower top speed faster. For example: a 9/25 ratio is easier ... more »

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I wouldn't spend the money on that. Unless you have a total crap back wheel now, I wouldn't waste the money on that wheel.

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Dont look plastic at alll. They look like theyre a new aluminum pedal.

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It looks like the bodies may be threaded... I'm not very happy about that.

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You could just be tightening the sprocket bolt too much so it's acting like it's out of round. Basically, you have good chain alignment then bad chain alignment, and that just keeps happening.

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You can not just "turn your head" for a 180 when you're first learning how. Yes, your body will follow along but you have to throw your hips into the spin as well or you'll keep coming up short. Make sure you don't carve more than you need to and that ... more »

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I'd suggest taking the cover off and just dyeing that. I don't know how the foam would react with the water and would hate for your seat to be misshapen because the foam melted or distorted or something. Yeah, doing it the same way as a shirt would be ... more »

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If it does, you're leaning too far back. Taking pressure off the front end will allow it to slide easier. What do you mean by "Everytime I have the wheel 45 degrees and the bike 70-80 degrees" Normally when talking about how many degrees from zero, you ... more »

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Ty Morrow's was cleaner but GOD DAMN!

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That's not going to help all that much. He needs to set his brakes up right and this problem will go away. Like what's his name said, you need to increase the spring tension on each brake arm.