The Dew Tour in Baltimore, MD was a rough contest. It was the first time that NBC has tried having the entire event outdoor for a different atmosphere. Unfortunately the wind affected the riding making the comp not as crazy as it could've been but it injured quite a few people too. Some injuries were from rider error but a lot of them were from the wind. Anothony Napolitan separated his shoulder, Cam WHite broke a small bone in his wrist, Mancuso broke his hand, I got knocked the #*@& OUT. The worst crash of the whole comp was Stephen Murray's crash that hits home for me but it's also the worst crash I've been around in my life riding BMX. Stephen has a few broken vertebrae in his neck and at the moment doesn't have control of his arms or legs. Besides needing prayers for his recovery, he and his family could also use some monetary help. The medical bills add up fast & he was supporting his wife & two kids.  Sell some old BMX parts on e-bay or go mow the lawns in your neighborhood or do some extra chores, donate the money or split it with he and his family. It's going to make you feel like a better person & it's always nice to do something for someone else that needs it more than you do. 

We love you Stephen and wish you well.
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