I’ve ridden everything from street to dirt/trails, vert to park, I’ve even tried out some flatland.  I’ve competed in dirt, park & vert over the last 10 years and it may sound funny but I see more of a correlation between vert & dirt.  If you watch a dirt comp you’re only going to see someone jump 3-5 times so it’s more of a jumping contest and most of the time it’s in a straight line.  When you go ride a good trail spot you can find a line that has about 15 jumps in a row and flow through them as they go around trees, hips, berms.  You’ve got to keep your flow going, smooth landings in order to make sure you make it over the next jump.  Vert is similar now with a huge wide ramp, you can flow from one end to the other with huge carves or ally oops, you’ve got to land smooth in order to keep your height and flow going.  A vert run is 45-60 seconds, that’s about 15-17 airs if you’re going a decent height.  Think about it… flow through trails or flowing on a vert ramp… you just don’t get as dirty on a vert ramp.

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