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This is so unfair. Pascal was 27 years old. He was an amazing rider and such a nice human being. He will be missed....

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too many cool moments to remember.

" You seem like a decent fellow. I hate to kill you." "YOU seem like a decent fellow... I hate to die."
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Thanks. Seconded on extra stitching being annoying on some seats

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Look at his interview at DigBMX. Once again, Rich Hirsch and Tip Plus (as with the AdamLZ quits Stranger move) are in the center of the lens with riders questioning recent business decisions and poor relationship management...

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One thing that's stopped me from ordering one of those is i worry that the back curves up too much and thus it may kinda feel like it's pushing you forward on the seat... which is a pet peeve of mine. I'd love to know IF anyone who tried the Ergo felt ... more »

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Green Lagos Crawlers, for sure. Lagos is my favorite West African city.

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Probably weight of fatter tires now too.

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Steve, just curious why you dislike spline drive? I will likely pick up a new chain and sprocket this summer, was thinking Tree spline sprocket- and I've only ever run bolt-drive so interested in observations.

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Agreed that Hicks and Augie usually seem to be positive and real and that Adam has always seemed like a scumbag, but what's the problem with Alf?

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True, though could be worse- at least in this case ODI knows what they're doing and isn't supplying utter shite to those companies

We're lucky ODI became the standard. As we know the most quality doesn't always succeed.
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Lol, I've done that with a blown driver too... 6-pawl to 3-pawl, 0 problems!

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Maybe SE Racing, just cause you gotta respect NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who apparently reps them and organized a ride in Oakland today:

Pretty badass choice. ... more »
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Whoa, so great to have someone with that experience and lifelong passion bringing things together. A true legend; will never forget that epically-right 80s Master frame

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Lord, that's a beautiful bridge. Great idea. Gotta watch that movie again!

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Just saw this. That's sad, and as I think we all kinda know, it's good to talk about it in whatever way... I have sons too, and am not looking forward to their grandparents leaving their lives... idk- first thing that came to mind for me was that you ... more »

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Curious, are the threads gasketed? I assume not, and I'm prob overthinking it, but I guess I'm asking does it seal nicely? (We've had a ton of rain lately)

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Agreed. I need to snag some of those hubs this year.

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Is that seatstay bridge broken? Shld the E in SE have more of a horizontal on top? I saw a pic of a dark blue one that looked like it, but can't keep looking at moment so maybe someone knows for sure for the OP...

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No doubt. I've added bit of oil, tiny bit of grease if I didn't have oil to hubs in the past, though tbh haven't added anything but light oil in recent memory and no isssues... I'm jst thinking in his situation I wouldnt waste effort regreasing anything ... more »