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but i don't know how to pop haha

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I can't pop out of nollies...seems simple enough, I just don't know how to go about doing them? I wanna learn nollie 3's so any tips for that would be great too

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this gets me so stoked for camp...week 8

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How much of a difference does chainstay length make? I've had my 20.5 Forecaster (13.25 chainstay) for a few months but I might get a Haro SD (13.75 chainstay) to get a bigger TT length and sell my current frame to my friend...any advice/opinion would ... more »

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the only advantage i see to a build kit is that it allows you to get the frame geo you want, but if you find a complete with your ideal geometry i'd say get the bike instead

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weight doesn't matter. if you have the right geo you can toss around a 30 lb bike just as well as a 18 lb one

Added reply in a thread any girls riding? 12/25/2011 4:07 PM there's this kid too..she makes how to videos and youtube edits and stuff..she's like 13 or 14 and actually pretty good! i rode with her at skater's edge once and she beat me ... more »

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i'm 17, my friend (who's bike it is) is like 14 or something hahah but yeah i think welding would be sketchy for the same reason

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it snapped after. i only have a pic of the crack

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oops hahah yeah thats what my friend was planning on.. like a temporary thing til the cash came around-but how hard is it to weld it?

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the geo on the sunday forecaster complete might help you if you're smaller, but that may be a little out of your price range..try checking out verde's completes

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pic of my friend's frame this morning..snapped shortly afterwards (sorry for no pic) would we be able to weld it back together? is it even worth it to?

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  • biking

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My first was a tree lil' buddy (which i bought used off my friend) and the other was a premium deathtrap

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I just cracked my second frame last night :/ it sucks..just to amuse me while I'm without my bike, how have you guys cracked frames before? My first was landing front wheel first 3ing a box jump and my other was doing a tuck no down a 6 stair..

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pull bars, pinch frame, lean your head over the bars, and throw your hands. easiest trick ever but so fucking fun!

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thanks i really appreciate it

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this is probably a stupid question, but what size plegs should i get for my premium inception bike? i'm gonna be riding 4 plegs..thanks

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i'm 5 foot 5 and ride street