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Hi, Wanna buy a freecoaster wheel; show me what you have. Made the thread as I cant find any with these. Any side, any sprocket size. Based in UK but prepared to pay shipping Cheers

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we call high school college here, and college university.. im a 'freshman' next year (we just call it by years, 12th, 13th, and 14th are the college years) and im taking biology, chemistry, advanced mathematics and 'musical technologies and production ... more »

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what even... my favourite part is a bicycle.

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good read, wish i lived it up at 13 like he did hahaha! but yeah, article seemed really 'real', like this is what its about, friends, community and that, something that isnt really widespread in today's quite segregated society,

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it really does, im used to it and it makes tricks like whips and bars much easier, i fuckin love it.

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was nice, showed soul and dedication of the owners through the cars really. i think it was great, keep up the good work

Started new thread bower/samyang/rokinon 8mm fisheye 12/7/2011 3:24 PM

whos used it? how do you think it fares in the fields of use you used it in? cheers for any info..

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i have them on my frame, i dont use them, just tension the chain yourself its much easier

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you should name it like, [a sweet word] vinyls, or designs or something. something that sounds nice but people actually know what your company is, like if you look at companies theyre all 'fit bike co.' or 'hollister clothing' or whatever, and you should ... more »

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never been arrested but my buddy has been arrested for having like and eighth of weed on him twice and all they did was take his details and send him home to his parents but they said if he did it one more time hes gonna get a crim record and go to court. ... more »

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brakes need friction to slow your bike down and that friction will pull your paint off. only thing you could do really is coat it with something tough that wont be worn down from braking

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go for the primo, they are much more reliable and longer lasting than the odysseys since the primo is a 4 pawl seperate clip spring driver while the odyssey is a c clip 3 pawl driver. the primo is less likely to break and easier to fix. and yes, you ... more »

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i go with a mentality that 'if sean burns can faceplant from 20 stairs up and stand back up, this what im trying aint gonna hurt too bad. but i aint gonna fall anyway, cos i know i can make it' not scared of falling but not gonna go try retarded things ... more »

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Scooters make money. Elven bike stores go by this motto. 1. buy scooters 2. display scooters 3. ?????? 4. PROFIT

Added reply in a thread tailwhips and barspinns out of flyout? 11/29/2011 8:37 AM

i learned tailwhips out of flyout after about a week of trying. aj anayas how-to really helped. just first get used to getting your bike whipped round, then getting your bike under you, then putting your front foot on, then just clamp you feet like fuck ... more »

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shiiiit, i meant to. i have now anyways, no worries!

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odyssey primo mutiny fit kink

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only thing i give a shit about for riding shoes is how long the soles last, loteks are the best soles

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follow me back braah,

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fuckkk, thats retarded, they shoulda done it just for the fact its frontload equivalent to the lincoln