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Hi Dave, Specialized was good for me as a entry into Pro BMX. I was working full time in Australia as a cabinet maker. It was my first offer as a paying sponsor in USA and It was either go home to Australia and go back to work or take this deal. It was ... more »

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Top 5 food- Fresh bread, cheese cake, aussie pub meal's, home cooked meal, Pizza. Top 5 bands.. INXS, David Bowie, Cold Chisel, The Cure, Lissie. Been a while since I hit a live band! Thanks man!

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Hi Rob, I've never noticed anything different. From kids I get the "Can you do a tailwhip?" Or "Can you do a backflip?" From time to time. I usually say "Yes" but that's as far as it goes. I'm not one to do these moves for the crowd. These days when ... more »

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Hi Stephen! Glad I could help with directions back in the day. I really like how bikes are today. They were real heavy 10 years ago. These days I like a straight cable, I'm not into brake-less for my riding. I'm glad to get rid of a Gyro, those things ... more »

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Just keep it positive and leave the negative stuff behind you. Lifes too short to have negative drama in your life. Go ride and enjoy your BMX! Be cool with everyone, even if they are goons. Favourite trick? Airing a 1/4, tables or turndowns, 360's Hardest ... more »

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Thanks for the good Q. Obviously you're from the area to know that all those riders. I don't know what it is man. It's really cool though. I'm proud to have developed at Beenleigh and the scene we had back in the Prody days. I've idolized Clint Millar ... more »

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I don't know anyone who spells it your way so you might have it wrong??!! Man that's a good Q, I'd probably choose trails, but the maintenance bothers me sometimes. Thanks man.

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Hi Ivan, that's great you work for Vans. What a fantastic company! I have never made it to the country of Russia and it would be great to check out. Hopefully one day! Thanks for the message and words.

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Ha that's cool. Yes I do like filming some stuff. I like working with Justin Kosman, so whenever he's at my place we usually film. Unfortunately that's maybe once a year! I hope to catch up with him in 2015! Ride on man! Enjoy the simple things you've ... more »

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Thanks for the message. Mirra Tour was unreal. It was 2001. Dave asked me over a phone call and I showed up to a meeting with ESPN. I thought it was just a good old road trip then we had to sign a contract and in fine print we got $5,000 each leg for ... more »

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Yes for sure. I had to pull Jason Watts up recently as he was dropping really good clips filmed on a phone on Insta and I was trying to keep him mellow before his vid dropped, so people were into the video and not bored. Instagram's good for a tease, ... more »

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Ha I don't know what's up with the jaw. My family history is Scottish. I've never tried scooters, don't plan on it either. Not against it, as long as kids have fun I'm cool with it. There's some local kids that used to scooter and now they ride BMX. ... more »

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Yes it's a rough topic when a company makes cut backs, it's rarely the riders fault but the company must adjust with the times. Business is business. It bums me out when kids go off that the company made a bad decision dropping so and so, but it usually ... more »

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Hey Casey, Modern day BMX is insane. The level, what's required socially and amount of riders that can do crazy moves really easily it's crazy! Like I said in my last reply, As an up and comer I would ride to the newsagency to get BMX Plus! once a month ... more »

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BMX Plus! is sweet. I would ride to the newsagency that was like 30 minutes away as a teenager to get that mag. It had a big impact on me getting into BMX for sure. I've gotten a few pics in there over the year, also some of my own photo's I've shot. ... more »

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I have a few times. Vancouver I stayed with Osato back in 1999 for a couple weeks, we hit all the parks and spots. I went to Elevation and Metro Jam's back in 2005 in Vancouver. I rode the Toronto Metro back in 2006. Also I did a demo on Canada day in ... more »

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Good morning Kyle, I haven't stopped being a Pro. I'm more of a role model hopefully these days. I may fire up again one day. I took it back a gear a couple years ago though. I had a pretty good average at getting hurt at comps if I tried so I got over ... more »

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Was it hard to get good at riding BMX coming from a small town like Monbulk, Australia?

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Thanks everyone who uploaded vids, and especially the ones that were filmed for the contest with an intro and all. There was alot of worthy vids, and between the tree of us (Rob, Ryan, and I) we came up with 6, then there were 4 more we had to figure ... more »

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thanks for going to to the effort, that whip down the stairs is perfect. take it easy, Colin