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Thanks bud, but I'm not a small guy and I don't trust single walls. If I can't find anything else though I may holla at you.

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Big frames feel good. If you can find a macniel duece i'd ride that. I ride a 22.5" FBM

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I barely ever true my shit lol. only if it's rubbing on my brakes.

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Looking for a rear wheel for the low. Must be 2x wall and cassette. RHD preferred but I'm probably going pegless again so LHD might be ok. Prefer a 9t but also could be down with a 10. Let me know what you got help a young buck get his bike working again. ... more »

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I'm buying at least one copy, probably two

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I wish there was an upvote button so I didn't have to add this comment

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Fuck I forgot to send my clip

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Still haven't watched your edit lol

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Nissan 200SX (S12) (already have one) Nissan Skyline R30 Paul Newman Edition Nissan Skyline C210 Nissan Skyline KPGC10 GTR Datsun 510 SSS Coupe Datsun 510 Wagon I like Nissan

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This was the point I was trying to make. Small bars aren't the reason you can't bunnyhop

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"After crashing out in the qualifying stages for the 2008 Olympics Cisar ended up hooked on marijuana" I think that's about all that needs to be said about the legitimacy of anything FISE does...

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Can I send in a skateboarding clip? also, Johnny Rebel for the song

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There's a reason all the East Coast OGs run Bob bars and can hop over a fucking house. You can actually hop higher with small bars

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I thought Stranger shit the bed again

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This. Despite everyone thinking NM is nothing but desert/cactus/scorpions/rattle snakes, i don't think I know anyone who's been stung by a scorpion or bit by a rattle snake out here

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Yo this timedrifter dude is always full of terrible ideas. Anyone else remember the BMX fatbike saga?

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Quit beating your dick so much that'll probably help

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I had surgery on my foot last year but it was really the only option. I broke 3 metatarsals in my foot and one of them was severely dislocated so I had to get pinned or else it never would have healed. That said, my surgery really went off without a ... more »

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"Lol only losers ride brakes what an idiot" -literally no one. Keep your parents happy, ride some brakes, learn fufanus, lock them and do a skid, have fun, it's just a bike man

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Holy shit I feel so old. Kids these days will never remember seeing these things snap lol