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2 metals, merritt SIR. I have plastic guards because my LBS doesn't even carry metal guards anymore. I got the last 2 metal pegs they had too.

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All Bridges are signature frames bruh. Don't talk about what you don't know PS: Big Collin back up in this bitch

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Anybody else fuck with the doom? I've been listening to a ton of Electric Wizard, Sleep, Black Sabbath, Acid King, etc. What bands do you guys like?

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Chase Hawk

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Bring it out here I'll TIG it up for you m8

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Looking back at the beef in this thread is so fucking retarded. Also going to see these guys next weekend

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I grew up around old Datsuns and the love kinda rubbed off on me. I had a 510 but it was a little bigger of a project than I could handle. Sold it and bought this, now I'm just trying to get some money together to do some serious suspension and engine ... more »

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I'm liking the S&M Mainline right now, but most people on here don't need tires that grip in dirt.

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90s CIvics and CRXs are the shit. Excellent drivers cars, great mileage, cheap parts. What Johnny said about 240s and Rollas is true, but just know if you get an old car, you're going to be spending a lot of time fixing it. Bonus pic of my current work

... more »
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"We're better than everyone else because we have bike riders making our parts in the USA" Cool, so does FBM, S&M, Fit, Standard, Profile, some of T1s stuff, and I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting. What makes your parts higher quality than theirs. ... more »

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There was a thread on Newschoolers a while back i was trying to find for you, but I can't find it so I'll give you the gist. When trying to learn tricks, just fucking huck it, and you'll probably get closer than you thought you would, if not land it. ... more »

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It's slime. It's a tube sealant that you can add in/buy tubes with it in already. Some swear by it. Some hate it. Also, running tubeless on bmx is impossible. Alienation was trying to make a tubeless system but everyone shit on it so hard they canned ... more »

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I rate 9/10 bong rips, would add to my stoner rock playlist

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Rising sun or gtfo haha

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You don't need wide rims to run 2.4s You also don't need 2.4s

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nah ur cool m8

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Nice bike man. Paint looks good.