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New thread Street Music 11/12/2013 4:54 PM

When I'm not riding, I usually listen to metalcore/post-hardcore. When I ride street, I like listening to rap though. Is anyone else like this?

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New thread Dans Comp Catalog 6/2/2013 4:43 PM

I collect Dans Comp Catalogs. I'm starting with early fall 2011. Does anybody have the early fall 2011 catalog? If so, I'll buy it from you.

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New thread How To 180 Without Carving 5/31/2013 2:47 PM

I just can't do it. I wanna learn how to do it because it looks cleaner. Any tips?

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New thread Is there a trick to filming? 5/31/2013 2:41 PM

Is there any way to film without a skateboard but follow the rider without the clip being shaky?

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New thread I Learned Bunny Hops and Wallrides 5/26/2013 10:59 AM

I learned how to bunny hop about grip height. I also learned how to Wallride. I do manuals off of the wall though. I can't hop off of the wall yet. Now I'm learning how to Bunny Hop To Manual on this curved ledge.

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New thread Bunny Hop Bar 5/24/2013 3:51 PM

Can I buy a bunny hop bar from someone? I'd like for it be about 10 feet wide.

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New thread Park Tools 5/23/2013 4:51 PM

Does anybody have any park tools for sale that are cheaper than ebay?

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New thread Stolen Thermalite Pedals 5/22/2013 3:22 PM

Does anyone have the Stolen Thermalite Pedals (Black)? I will buy them for $10.00.

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New thread Anyone Have The Duffs G4 Hi Shoes? 5/21/2013 2:55 PM

Duffs G4 Hi Shoes, Size 9 and Black.

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New thread Nose Manuals 5/17/2013 3:22 PM

I can't understand how to keep a nose manual in the same spot.

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New thread Traveling With A Bike 5/13/2013 5:47 PM

So my mom wants to go to Mexico really bad. I don't wanna go because I'll be missing my bike. How can I take it with me? Cheapest option please.

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