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What.s better on a topload stem ( Profile Push Mark Mulvile Stem ), a smaller reach like 48mm or a larger reach like 63mm. I want something that's nice to do manuals and also comfortable when blasting quarter pipes and dirtjumps.

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Anybody have any good reviews or photos of Profile Hubs laced to Animal RS Rims or any other Rims

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A lot of riders are down in Pleasanton at the Val Vista Skatepark, Right off the 680 Freeway.

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I'm thinking about getting the Animal Javilens or Odyssey Antigrams, Rims probably Animal RS or Shadows? Any suggestion or any other good hubs rims and spokes?. Back has to be a LHD Cassete though

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Ya the Bone Vibrator sounds pretty weired, probably made for the female biker type and the frame I found Out was a We The People Trust

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I wanted to know which Bmx seat would be the best bang for you buck, I don't want to spend that amount of money on a peice of plastic that rapes your ass all day, I do a lot of street riding and sit down riding to spots, I'm running an animal seat right

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