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1) Kevin "frog" Spanier
2) Dandelion Death
3) Frame name: Flyin Lion- made in the USA

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yo dude ur bike is pretty fuckin sik. i really like ur simple front hub. how does it hold up and how do u tighten down the bolts cuz it look kinda tricky. those 4 piece animal bar look pretty badass to man i would get em but i need a lil taller bars haha.

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just go for them it's kind of like grinding on your normal side for the first time, just have to put the time in to get used to them.

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yea ive been out of skool sence the 12 so ive been riding pretty much every day sence.

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not much, i just got out of school yesterday im so hyped to be riding a ton this summer. sorry if it takes me a while to respond im not on here much cause im always on thecomeupboard

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the sidewalls on both the fit and revenge tires wear pretty quick if you grind consistently and some are rumored to start peeling badly.

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frames bars and forks are all sunday makes, you could build one with odyssey and g sport components though considering they're practically the same companies

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the closet things to that that i can think of are animal bob lights which i personally own and absolutely love. plus theyre the street killer and awesome video producer bob scerbos, go cop some.

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hey man whats u been up to lately

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