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Run your bed tires cuz they're sick at. Ignore the naysayers run the bike how you want to! Besides that I don't have experience with brakes so I'm not sure which ones would fit.

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Got 4.5s they're better than 4

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People who take having fun too seriously. I love having fun as much as the next dude but when you gotta force everyone and constantly remind everyone that they have to have fun, is a big drag.

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I don't like the colony stem too many stem caps broken I've seen. I had a picture a while back and I even think I posted it on here that a friend's broke while tightening the stem and it wasn't even that tight. I'd stay away. I got a fit hightop V1 and ... more »

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Been on mine for a couple of years solid as day one

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Look into a helmet with MIPS, it'll help imo

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Probably not. Most frames from that era had skinny tires in mind so probably not

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Looks like I'm the minority who run plastic pegs. I run four and I grind quite a bit. I've had my pegs since January or so and the sleeves are good I don't think I need to replace them any time soon. I think they slide better and in general don't do ... more »

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I had 2.5 cult ak tires front and rear. bike felt fine and I felt good enough for me at 55 psi on everything from dirt to street. I have fit faf 2.25s on rn but I want to go back to my bigger tires I think they feel better

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You'll be fine.

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I got he heavy duty tubes. Haven't had a flat in two years

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I think he's riding a cortez coaster cuZ on his insta you can see on a post from a couple weeks back with new wheels, you can see that the rear hub has a big bearing on the driver and the blind doesn't have one like that

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Counterpoint to this If you can find a Blind coaster do not get it. It's a pain in the ass to get it working. I ran one for 6-7 months (you can see in my Benny hill bike check) as stated above it was great when it worked. Key words when it worked. It ... more »

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Merritt one is the better of the sprocket get that one

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You can do a bell super 3r or a giro switchblade

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Email Sunday I'm sure they'll help you out

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Absolutely not. The only people who I know say that is because they can't properly ride a coaster. I think riding a coaster is more fun than a cassette because they feel so smooth going backwards. If you want to learn how to ride and the bike you like ... more »

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looks good. Where'd you get your hands on a blind coaster I can't find any anywhere lol. Loved mine when It worked otherwise I'd still be on it but oh well. Nice hub though. Put some pegs on and she'll be even better

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What's with the hate? I'd give them a shot they look comfy

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I just throw them I don't really get the whole pinching the seat thing never made sense to me. I throw without punching and I'm fine