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What if he already knows how to ride it but wants to try something different?

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You can do a slope style mtb. It’s a full suspension dj basically. It’s going to harder to ride given the geometry from a 20’ bmx to a 26’ mtb but that’s always something

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I’d look into mtb discussions with different fork offsets. There’s a lot of good information if you really want to get into it

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Keep the shred on! This is so awesome!

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You’d love mountain bikes if you want something different. Literally everything is different

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Take it to your local bike shop if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can really mess a wheel up if you don’t know what your doing

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Aerospace is a good rim I always wanted it but they discontinued it when I was able to buy them.

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Lots of kids down in CA are getting on complete bikes. That’s just what I have seen on social media so take that for what you will

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I’d get a new chain

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You’d really like mountain biking

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Sealed bearings = good hub

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Good bike that thing should shred

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They just stock their parts as a distributor. Full factory does not own BSD

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Hate to be that guy but it’s light weight

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I had a 2011 eastern trail digger 2013 cult cc01 2014 fit Benny l v1 frame Fiend Reynolds v1 Cult shorty Ricany BSD passenger v1 To back on the fit Benny l frame

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Cult AKs are the shit. I love mine

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You’re good all pressfir conenut bmx hubs do this

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If you ride weekday mornings that when skateparks usually don’t have as many kids running around so if you want to ride by yourself and not feel intimidated I’d go weekday mornings as that is when the park is most empty

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Tire is toast my dude. If you keep putting tubes in that tire then you will keep exploding tires

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People back in 2014-2015 were asking if free coasters were a trend because a lot of pros were still riding cassetes back then and there were only two or three companies making a coaster (cult, federal, and khe come to mind because I think those were ... more »