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Reply to Any help for new tires? 7/22/2020 12:16 PM

FAF 2.25 honestly one of the best tires around imo. It’s really like 2.36 when you measure but the tread on it will last forever. Took me a year of hard riding to wear through one in the rear and the front tread stayed perfect. I 100% recommend

Reply to How long does it take to learn proper bunny hop? 7/6/2020 7:10 PM

Keep riding and hop over everything. You’ll get there man

Reply to Bar Width... whatcha runnin'? 3/26/2020 6:23 AM

27.5 is my jam. Made barspins better because I was constantly hurting my knees trying to bar 30”

Reply to odyssey tl48 stem 3/21/2020 5:25 PM

Good stem. Nothing bad about it. I’d recommend

Reply to Park session... call some tricks 3/18/2020 12:43 PM

Whip-tap-bar out

Reply to Anthony Panza 2020 3/3/2020 12:52 PM

Dude who cares? Are you gay?

Reply to Is this tire safe to use? 3/1/2020 11:29 PM

New tire def

Reply to Check your welds! 2/26/2020 3:54 PM

One sells completes and the other doesn’t

Reply to Different brands of freewheels 2/25/2020 10:53 AM

You’ll wear out the cassette driver on the track faster than a freewheel because of the tiny bearings in the cassette driver. Free wheels are nice because they’re easy to change and if used in racing they’re going to last longer too because they’re so ... more »

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Reply to odyssey r15 and aks 2/15/2020 4:13 PM

My r25 forks fit my ak tires with a slight out of true wheel so maybe check out one of my bike checks you could see the clearance

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To piggy back on this if you use different length spokes you get different ideal spoke tensions for each spoke. So even if you were to true your wheel wouldn’t be that great because it would be coming out of true all the time

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Reply to Does Everyone True Their Wheels Every Month, or is it Just Me? 1/3/2020 7:50 PM

You should check for even spoke tension on drive side and non drive side. Even if a wheel is true but your spikes aren’t even in tension it can cause your wheel to untrue and creak again

Reply to Best psi for street/park/DJ 12/29/2019 3:02 PM

You’d be surprised. Big tires are sick

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I have cult all 2.5 tires I run 25 psi when I do street and 55 on bowls and dirt. The bigger volume tire doesn’t need to be inflated as much to get the same amount of grip

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Are you okay? Do you need a hug?

Reply to So, does anyone still ride anything other than 25/9 gearing and 20"ish top tube? 11/19/2019 1:19 PM

25/9 is good. I ride slowly so I don’t need a huge gear for speed.

Reply to Changing Setups Too Often 11/18/2019 12:43 PM

What if he already knows how to ride it but wants to try something different?