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Hit me up if you come down to San Diego. I know some of the good local spots and have my own spot building down here in Ramona.

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you wanna ride some dirt man? hit me up through pm and ill take you around to some of these spots. been looking for someone to ride with, get me motivated to hit the bigger lines.

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Whats up guys, had a chance to ride the Tuthill bike park over the weekend and it was pretty badass. 3 lines from intermediate to advanced. Also a bunch of zipline tours and climbing if anyone is interested. Jumps were my main reason for visiting.

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This place was Awesome! Huge shout out to all you guys who made this happen. You can see how much work went into this place and you can definitely feel it when you ride. Unfortunately it was pretty windy when I went so I couldn't hit the big line but

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Arizona's White Walls

So sick, wish it was still there

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Dude.. ive been looking for you haha. I live in Ramona. I have a spot Ive been building the last 3 months that's coming together nicely. I've also stumbled upon what looks like the holy grail of jumps in alpine. You can see them from the 8 freeway. All

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wud up andy, I was into making vlogs with my wife for a while. Trips to mammoth downhill park, bear, lots of dirt spots in socal and just kinda stopped from lack of time. Would be really interested to see you work and get motivated on my camera gear

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Dudes, Im in san diego but I can be in Encinitas or Oceanside in minutes. Shoot me a pm for a ride session at my lil jump spot. Down to make the trip up also and hit street.

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Scrap that chain and go with a half link if you can. If you break a half link, your savage.

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whats up man, For wheelies, pretty much and DJ you can find just practice. Theres always great deals on bikes through Buy used and get more bang for your buck. Im 6'3.. I rode a 20' until I hit 6'...went to a 24" for a few years and recently

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My spot..3 months of digging. Still growing and could use the help.

Please don't post the name or location of these jumps. No one cares if you know where these are. If you do know, offer a session through PM only. These ... more »
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Im in Ramona, names Brandon. I have a set of dirt jumps ive been building up in Ramona and I travel up to lake forest/ Huntington beach/ Temecula/ Murrieta often to ride dirt mostly. Open to street also. hit me up

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Im game man, ill PM you for the cell # if you still got this going? If your ever in the area down here I know of 8 spots all from beginner to semi pro lines.

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Looks awesome! cant wait to come out and visit

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Dudes, bring dirt back! looking to ride anywhere in socal and help build. I have a spot down here in san diego id like to share. hit me up through PM and ill share every spot ive found.

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Revive They were in sunset cliffs park. couple hips carved in the sand stone. all worn out but I might head that way this weekend with a flathead and see what I can make happen. Bringin dirt back

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Dirt jumps

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