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My free shipping came with a tracking number. It must have something to do with what country it is going to. Is it possible that it got tied up in customs? That sucks that you didn't get what you ordered. Unfortunately, I can't be of much help.

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I just ordered from them recently and got my package in under a week. Did you receive a tracking number? If so where was the last place your package was scanned? I've heard they have good customer service. Are you taking the time zone difference into ... more »

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If you google "omni trails" there is an old facebook event page that comes up with the address. The trails are located in the woods behind the building. We are currently rebuilding, so not much is running.

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i miss you colin were my hero

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We're still planning to work at omni this Saturday. Hopefully, if we can get enough regulars out there, it will cut down on the bs. It's just been two of us so far, but I think some more people are coming out this weekend.

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It went pretty good. We cleaned up a decent amount of the trash that had started to accumulate out there, and started getting carpet and tarps out from under leaves and what not. Just making an attempt to not have it looking so trashy. We also started ... more »

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If anyone has any interest in digging at omni, it looks like we're going to make an attempt to get it running good again. I'm hoping we can find atleast a couple more people that are interested in helping out. We should be out there tomorrow morning, ... more »

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The tools have been out there for a while. I'm surprised no one has taken them, with the way stuff disappears out there. The last time any work was done out there was late last year. And by work, I mean any kind of substantial digging. I saw the rake ... more »

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Yeah, my profile picture is from omni. It is the main line circa early 2011, back when I was out there all the time taking care of things. As I'm sure you noticed when you where out there, the trails are in pretty bad shape now. I stopped digging there ... more »

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If you enjoy riding trails, you can probably catch some people at omni on the weekend. Especially when the weather starts getting better. Unfortunately, if some new people don't step up and start digging, I can't imagine that place being ridable for ... more »

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I've been using Velox rim tape religiously for the last 15 years or so.

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Are you sure your spokes are the correct length? I've never seen a wheel that far out with even tension.

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Thanks for replying Ryan. Yeah, it was pretty hard to tell what was up with the top half of the course, since spectators couldn't really get anywhere near it. Redbull definitely dropped the ball on that.

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Hey Ryan, I wanted to ask you about the Dreamline in NC. Was the part of the course after the brake check roller as awkward as it looked? Or a momentum killer? It looked like an after thought. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why someone would ... more »

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The mention of tubing thickness in this thread made me laugh. A friend of mine was riding Jaycee park in the early 2000's on an early Fit frame. Mike Laird saw it, and said he was an idiot for buying it because the tube set was too thin, and that it ... more »

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Is the ground you're working with flat or downhill?

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It looks like an older Premium frame. Going off of the serial, I was thinking maybe 08?

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I've been rebuilding my solo project this winter. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been as cooperative as I had hoped. The way we have been getting rain, has been more destructive than helpful. So it's been slow going. but it's still far better than ... more »

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That song made that video totally unwatchable.

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I'll be there, wouldn't miss it.