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Am I the only one that thought Harry Main was the first to do it? I feel retarded.

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this, i remember when i was learning smiths i would do the exact same things you said but just do a little double tire hop

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front and back 2.25

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2.25 Odyssey Aitkens /thread or 2.3 Curb Monkeys, except they are near impossible to find these days for some reason

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He had a "Welcome Back Clip" a month ago though?

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they were probably talking about his brother who passed away some odd years ago or somethin...apparently thats one of his biggest motivations to ride

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well maybe that shit wouldn't have happened if your dumb ass didn't order two sets of bars, ever think of that?

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thats about best i got lol...

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looks good to me

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i think EVERYONE went through the runescape phase haha....if you didn't, i guess your just a G

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you're an idiot then, if you grind you should mark one side of your pedal which you will always have face up, so it doesn't get grinded down, and will virtually always be like new...since rubber (bottom of your shoes) on plastic isn't abrasive at ... more »

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damn i just realized that haha...the normal trade in price is $140, which is $40 bucks off already, for $80 bucks your getting less than half price...i'd definitely go for it man

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no one needs their own custom will be fine with anything else out there

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D Thompson

i had this frame for a while and it is a fucking beast...the ONLY reason why i don't have it now is because i wanted to try a more responsive geometry since this frame has pretty all around average geometry (74.5 headtube, 13.75 backend, etc.)...i traded it for my friends Dak, its still hanging up in his garage now, im gunna get it back once this frame explodes

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i watch this one ALL the time, nothing better than some Floyd and bikes

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uhh, there are probably a million other breast cancer type bracelets/shirts etc. that don't involve the word boobs... and basically you don't have any rights on school grounds, you will learn it in government class

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its 2004....what do you expect

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Homan knows how to fucking do it. What a boss.

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these huge ocean boats are designed to be near impossible to flip...they are designed to go up against like 60 foot swells and 40 foot waves and shit

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i get people who will low ball the shit out of me and we will haggle prices for a while, and i will eventually give in to an extremely low price they suggested, and then they precede to tell me they don't have that much money what the fuck ... more »