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I live over by oak forest. From personal experience, most parks around here don't let bikes in. I know oak forest and Frankfort started to let bikes in a few years ago. Theirs a nice skatepark in tinley park, they don't let bikes in. That never stopped ... more »

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I laced my old hub to a new rim yesterday. A few of the old spokes were seized so I ended up dipping the threads on the new spokes in grease when I was lacing it.

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Thats one hell of a deal. I run ghost pads with my front brakes, all I can say is their sticky as fuck on a shadow stun rim. Everyone else's seem to suck though. lol Dual gyro cables FTW!

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Probably a longshot, but do you still have the tree front hub?

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And the dumb ass of the year award goes to...

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What colors your front hub? I might be interested if that guy doesn't want it.

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I used to run mine up front. Considering the setup was all spare parts the worked pretty well. I would recommend dedicated front brakes though. I just used a knarp on one end and let the cable sit in the other. Crapy pic.

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So after my old helmet started falling apart i decided I need a new one. Most of the local parks require them so don't give me shit for wearing it either. Anyway I'm thinking about picking up a fox transition helmet but wanted to know if anybody on here ... more »

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Hey, new guy here with a quick question. Has anybody ever used united or S&M 990 mounts on a we the people frame? The only reason I ask is because I'm broke atm and and I found a good deal on united mounts. Does anybody know if they'll fit my frame. ... more »

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