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I vote for this!

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Mine is George DoSantos and Koji Kraft. How about yours?

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I feel like for your height that's pretty close to what I ride. I have a 76 HT and 12.75 backend.

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Wow that's short for how tall you are but I guess doing flatland as well would feel good to be tighter. I think If I rode flatland I would go with a 19.5

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Ooooohhhhh, just wait

I have a few more weeks of traveling until I can film but retaliation is due.
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Im 5'7 and I used to ride a 20.5, one day I saw John Heaton used to ride a 20" and he was an average side dude so I tried it and it made my life easier in an era bikes were 30-40 pounds to whip around. Later on I needed a bit more room so I jumped to ... more »

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What's your favorite top tube length and why? I use 20.25 because I like to be able to have a quicker whip and spin. How about you guys?

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twowheels left a comment 5/24/2012 2:04 PM

So excited to see you in LA at the X Games!!! One more month to go! 6/28 Can't wait!!

Gabriel_Mair left a comment 5/31/2011 12:51 PM

hola daniel espero que este año vuelvas a rosario.argentina y demuestres lo que sabes,,,sos un groso!!!!!!saludos

zwakeen left a comment 11/4/2010 12:46 PM

Great year cant wait to see you again in 2011.. you Rock!

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Beast Job at dew tour

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:Dub fx love someone

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you walk a lot of bmx
Very good

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