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i to would like to know the answer to this question and if possible locations

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found these and i am about to buy them but im a little skeptic on the quality, would you guys recommend these or is there a better product out there

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i was told that over tightening a compression bolt on the stem can result in wrecking the bearings or other components on the headset. Is this true? if so, how much torque should be applied to be considered enough?

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whats a typical life span on a cable? i seam to go through a gyro set once a season,

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I recently had gyro issues but resolved them with a 1/2" spacer, i didn't even notice this until now but this one spacer is actually not as thick as the other two spacers i have on there. the first two spacers are a heavy metal that are about 1/4 thick ... more »

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issue has been resolved in linked post Thanks guys,25/Gyro-cable-issues-PLEASE-HELP,1187542

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i tried without bending just now and i couldn't even do it

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was the issue resolved?

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i went from a 20.75 to a 20.60 and couldn't even tell a difference.

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this is how i did it as well, im still working hard at it though

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i agree, more hand movement will probably fix the issue

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lean in opposite direction of the hop then turn and throw weight from opposite direction back into the correct direction well lifting front and rear after front. Land rear then front and prepare for fakie or whatever you prefer

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Alex DM-24 36h i rode those for a long time before they went and i paid less then 130 with rubber, did a lot of park stuff, not much street on them though

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I don't know why but i still have so much trouble with the fakie, Speed + Fakie = face plant with me

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Hey bud, I swear by gyros and have to agree with you on the complexity etc... I find every frame requires different tweaking to get the gyro perfect. I myself just had an issue that took over 2 months to resolve.,25/Gyro-cable-issues-PLEASE-HELP,1187542 ... more »

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I know on my united frame it had holes built right in that were perfect size to slip the cabling in, Perhaps manufacturers are starting to acknowledge this and consider it in there production. I don't know if that's why united did it, but i know the ... more »

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Might sound stupid but i gave up on the large spline count, went back to basic spindles and have no problems

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hey thanks for the gyro help, stopped and picked up a a spacer yesterday and it worked great. I owe you one !!!

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UPDATE::: Problem has been fixed thanks to the comment of schmitler "As an alternative, you could get a 1/2 inch headset spacer and have your LBS install it. That is really what you should do. I did the nipple mod so I could put linear housing on my ... more »

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is there truly no one that has had this issue?