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I hear their good I've been pushing my friend to get a shovel head since he's looking for a fresh bike

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I follow @matt_roe on insta hes always bombing trails on his story on bmx and mtb I think they are I don't know exactly what they are lol along with @villijtrails and @villijrobbo the fbm guys also post a lot of trail riding on their Instagram as well

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Got grips and brakes plus installation for under 100 bucks yesterday

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I didn't even know plastic seat posts were a thing

tth taking off the drive train and spraying wd40 or lube into the seat tube through the bottom bracket and let it sit for a few minutes then give it a go
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Ive got an old 21 inch wtp chief frame I plan to build into a trails bike but I've got to remove the chain and strip the paint first then find all the parts it's gonna be a second hand build so I've just been stalking kijjiji and the fb

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Man that sucks I had my first proper complete stolen from my garage in high school till this day in still hurting over it. For the price of shipping I'm willing to part ways with my WTP frame with a shadow half link v2 attached (I don't have the right

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Y all are killing me

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Talk him down to 120

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I've wrecked vans in a short time span (from what's listed below) my brother skates and wrecks his vans in as little as two weeks i think a lot of it has to do with braking and foot tricks and the difference between their for style shoes and actual sports ... more »

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I prefer 28lbs it's heavier then the standard 25ish I'm not picky tho I just prefer something heavier I feel more stable is what I think it is

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Looks Jawsome!

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You guys see this the rider line up looks sick it's a hard pick to do but I keep voting for brad Simms for today. he's a beast on a bmx all the others are savage to tho who would or are you gonna pick?

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I bought a kink gap complete used back around 2014 it was solid even used it's one of their lower end ranges I really only changed shit out for prefence I don't doubt their higher ends are sweeter

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Updated bike check The Chocolate Blend 6/2/2018 7:41 PM
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Is radio good? My lbs sells them, and I'm Liking that nemesis

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I added stickers and cut my bars down an inch on the sides I've been taking my sweet ass time getting brakes tho and putting my proper grips on

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